Monday, August 31, 2009

And we wait....

Well today is Monday August 31st and we continue to wait for our little guys arrival. He sure knows how to keep us guessing. Went to the doctor this morning again and there wasn't much news other than that baby is ready and its just a matter of time now.

Dan and I both took the day off work to relax and work thru some of this early labor. If the baby doesn't arrive tonight we'll both return to work tomorrow. Just too frustrating to just sit around and wait! My parents were both here yesterday and drove home this morning - they too, along with Mike and Diane (Dan's parents) wait on pins and needles for the call. Don't worry I wish for nothing less than to be able to place the call! While I know we're still 2.5 weeks from our due date - its a total mind game when you are told 'its coming' that now we're just anxious.
Since we have no 'bigger' news yet today - I'll wish my cousin Gabe a happy 22nd birthday and share with you a few pics from here. For anyone that knows me it will come as no surprise that we're completely ready....thought we'd share for those afar!

Love to all -


Here is a pic of the crib. Technically our bedding is still on back-order so we've made do! A few pieces arrived (mobile, pillows, etc.) so you get an idea of what it looks like. Its a polka dot/stripe pattern. A shout out to Joni for the amazingly comfy big fluffy puppy.

We might be first time parents - but we're pretty aware of this fact...

One thing this child does not need...any more clothes! I'm not even sure this perspective gives you a good sense of exactly how much we actually have....

Rocker, side table, and organizer bins!

Dan has lots of fun putting all of this stuff together. (oh with a little assistance from Frkol on the Boppy Swing!)

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  1. The nursery looks great come on Baby P!!!