Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a year!

Today is Sunday August 30th and it marks the anniversary of Dan and my wedding. Seems fitting to be starting this blog today. One year ago today we had the most magical day/night of our lives and today we celebrated it anxiously awaiting the next adventure life will bring us. We've decided to set up this blog since we have so many wonderful friends and family supporting us thru this process who will not be here to share in the everyday joys of our life.

As most of you are aware we are nearing the end of the pregnancy of our first child. While his (yes I did say "his") due date is not until September 19th (or 18th depending who you ask ;) ) all news from the doctors are that this little guy is anxious to get here. Went to the doctor last Tuesday and he was surprised at the progress we'd made. An early AM trip to the hospital this morning again has the doctor thinking it will be early this week that the little Paulsrud will enter the world. Dan was in Peru, IL DJ'in a wedding and thankfully my mom came to spend the weekend with me. I was glad to not be here alone last night when needing to make my first journey to the hospital. All is well - now we just wait. I'm at 37 weeks which they deem full term and its absolutely healthy for the baby to be born anytime now. While they said they won't do anything to speed things up for me - they aren't going to do anything to stop it either. Tomorrow is my cousin Gabe's birthday and Tuesday is my Grandpa Tom's birthday - so I think there are a variety of people pulling for an early week delivery. (me included)

Bags are packed, car seat installed, nursery set up, and one uncomfortably pregnant Julie - I'd say we are ready!

More news to follow.


  1. Oh yes, Happy first Anniverysary to both of you. That cake still looks as yummy as it was last year, Wish we were there to steal a bite.
    Yesterday we were expected another call during our birthday party, needless to say Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud were a little distracted.
    Message to baby Connor:
    Come on out, we're all so anxious to see you and hold you.
    Love to you all, and our prayers follow you to the delivery.