Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Connor's Newborn Photos

I will post more tomorrow (hopefully) been a busy few days but wanted to get this information out for all of my faithful readers (whoever you might be?!?).

Enjoy some (what we think are) fantastic photos!

Web site: www.mcconvillestudio.com and click on the "Proofs" link. You'll find his gallery there and the password you'll need to enter is: Paulsrud09

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

Well we've hit the three week wall....I think its safe to say that Dan and I have reached the 'pure exhaustion' state. After the trip on Friday and another wild night last night its been hard to recover.

Saturday we headed to our family friends the Stodden's where we celebrated Imogene's 90th Birthday! Imogene has played a special role in our lives (and those of many others) and it was so nice to be there to celebrate the day with her. I can still remember some times at Northview Elementary when I was sick at school (and both my parents worked outside of town) that Imogene would come pick me up and be sure I was well taken care of (aka spoiled) until my mom and dad could get there.

Here is Imogene with Grace on her special day:

Other than the party - I cannot even remember what else we did yesterday, ha!?! Today we went to church, had lunch with the Stoddens and then tonight I made dinner and the Komareks and Benac's stopped by for some visits.

Tracy and I are in Peru until Tuesday - Grace is getting some photos with the McConville's on Tuesday and then we'll head back to Milwaukee. Grace and Tracy fly back to Minneapolis on Wednesday.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow and be thinking a little clearer to type something witty! (or at least be able to remember what happened during the day!)

Have a great week everyone

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're in Recovery Mode...

Well no post happened on the blog yesterday - there quite literally was no time. My guess is once you read the full blog you'll understand why I just couldn't bring myself to sit down at the computer late last night to do a post.

The day started off on a positive note as we celebrated Connor's 3 week birthday! Here are some photos!

At about 10:30 am Grace and Tracy arrived on Northwest at Milwauke General Mitchell Airport. We were so excited to see them and even more excited to hear how GREAT Grace did during her first flight - way to go Grace! Connor and I loaded up my car and headed to the airport to pick them up! Then we loaded them up in the car and headed to Chicago to meet Great Grandma Betty! Tracy sat in the backseat between the two car seats! Oh what an adventure she was in for - this photo is proof that we WERE all smiles when the journey started!

We arrived at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago a little before 1 PM (lots of construction and traffic) with barely even a peep out of Connor and Grace. (Thank the Lord!) Grandma came down to the lobby to meet us as they didn't want the babies on the hospital floor. Here is a picture of Grace with her great-grandma. I have more pictures but they are on our nice camera so I'll have to load later.

The good news of the day was that we had a very brief visit with Grandma as physical therapy arrived and were coming to help PUT HER IN THE CAR to go home. Yup, you read that right - she was being discharged! She has been through quite a journey and the journey of healing continues. She was driven this time to Cottage Hospital in Galesburg where she'll stay in their skilled care center until she is well enough to go home. (She is praying for within the next two weeks) While we were happy to wish Grandma off on her journey the fun for Tracy and I was just beginning! We now had two infants who were wide awake and not all too happy to be going back into their car seats.
About a block out of the hospital parking lot the 'dualing cries' started!

So we had dualing criers and then Connor decided his lunch wasn't setting to well. He proceeded to get sick all over himself and then Grace made a mess in her diaper. We had to think quick and the first person that came to mind...Becky to the rescue! We called Becky (who lives in Chicago) and by some grace of God she was on her way home. We got directions and hit her apartment like a tornadoe. Let's just say that Becky and Nates lovely condo was christened with two infants in a matter of minutes. Connor had his first bath at Aunt Becky's - both had several diaper and clothing changes. On a positive note - Aunt Becky got some additional time with Connor and got to meet Miss Grace. (and got the chaos that accompanied them!)

Connor fresh from his bath!

Look at Gracie smiling at her Aunt Becky!

I'll spare everyone the details of the dramatic drive home after we left Becky's. Let's just say that we left Becky's condo at 3:30 PM and arrived in Peru (normally about a 1 hour 45 minute drive) just before 10 PM. We had more vomitting, dirty diapers, outfit changes, hungry babies, and hungry mothers. Tracy and I kept our sense of humor for just about the whole trip but needless to say when we arrived my dad and Dan came out and got them both out of the car and Tracy and I just stayed in the car...catching our breath and sitting in silence. To say our patience had been tried might be the understatement of the century.

But with that - I'll leave you with this last picture - which is the reminder of why we have patience and why we can just laugh about the day we had and chalk it up as one heck of a wild adventure. (That won't soon be repeated!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I forgot my camera!

Well today Connor made his first trip to GMR! He was welcomed with arms wide open (literally) and enjoyed being held by several people who have been waiting months for his arrival! I totally forgot the camera so I have no pictures (shame on me!). I promise next time to take pictures - I'm sure my team will gladly welcome him in again for a photo shoot ;)

Tomorrow Tracy and Grace will be flying to Milwaukee. Wish Grace good luck on her very first flight! Be a good girl Gracie - we need you to be a good little flyer for all those fun trips we are going to take together! We'll be heading to Chicago to visit with Tracy and my Grandma who is still in the hospital there once they arrive and then eventually on to Peru. Saturday we will join our family friends to celebrate Imogene's 90th Birthday! Will be a big weekend for these two little cousins - let's hope they are as good of travelers as their parents!

Here are a few other pictures - we received this beautiful blanket from my family friend Rhonda Eustice and the colors match my favorite polka dot chair (not to mention the nursery) so I decided to take a few shots of Connor with the chair and the awesome blanket. Thanks Rhonda its so wonderful!!

Ok - this kid will kill me someday for even having this picture let alone posting it but look at all that super cute peach fuzz/back hair! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tummy Time

Ok well today we got our tummy time mat out. The doctor said it would be good in moderation so since we are WIDE awake this afternoon (which I'm loving because I have hopes that means we'll have some closed eyes tonight!) I thought we'd bust it out of the box.

I'm not gonna lie - he wasn't a huge fan - but he is still really little. It's officially documented none the less!
Ok Mom - had enough!

Make them stop! :)

We seem to have the hiccups ALL THE TIME! This was my first attempt to get some video - I realize its a bit boring....but this is about as exciting as the day gets.

Here is our little man with the hiccups!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing....

Well Connor and I have had a very uneventful day today! We slept most of the morning (since we didn't do too much sleeping last night) and have just been relaxing this afternoon. Dan came home at lunch which was a nice break for me!
More baby news - our friends Jeremy and Nicolle who live in Madison are also expecting a baby in April I believe. They are friends of Dan's from way back and are the couple who were married in Cancun last fall that we attended. Super fun couple - and we're very happy for them!

Here are a few pictures of Connor being lazy....I've discovered he really likes to sleep in the boppy!

I have also decided that while I LOVE being home - I am not used to NOT running a million miles a minute. With that - I'm raising money for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in loving memory of Alyssa Pape who is the sister (and sister in law) of Dan and my dear friends Matt & Mollie Pape. So I'm focusing some extra time on a fundraiser that will be at a local bar/restaurant here on 9/30. The fundraising is affliated with the Brigg & Al's Run here in Milwaukee - we're a part of the "Rally for Aly" team.
For anyone in the area here are the details:
Date: Wednesday September 30th
Time: 5 PM to 10 PM
Location: Matty's Bar and Grille (14460 West College Ave; New Berlin, WI)
What: Matty's will be donating 10% of all food and beverage sales during our event to our cause and team. Just come out and enjoy some great food and drinks
Other: DJ and Karoake Entertainment Provided; Raffle & 50/50 Drawing will also be held
For anyone not in the area who would like to support the cause - please visit my fundraising page: http://www.firstgiving.com/juliecoughlin
Well perhaps we'll have something more exciting to write about tomorrow!

Monday, September 21, 2009

And we passed!

Today Connor had his two week visit at the doctor and has passed with flying colors. He is now 7 lbs. 8 oz so has gotten back to his birth weight (7 lbs. 2 oz) and then gained some! Good job buddy! He got the full review by Dr. Thrasher and she gave us two thumbs up and said to keep doing what we were doing! As long as he stays healthy we won't go back now until his 2 month appointment (6 weeks from now) and that will be the appointment where he gets all his shots. We love Dr. Thrasher but sure hope we don't see her any sooner than early November! :)

The weekend finished out good -
Dan did great at the North Shore Inline Half Marathon. He finished first in his age group and scored himself a lovely "half" medal. He also finished 12th overall (preliminary results had shown 9th but 12th was the final) and we're so proud of him. He's been working really hard so glad to see its starting to pay off! Since we couldn't make the journey this year I don't have any pictures but if someone on Dan's team sends any I'll be sure to post. Dan also got some fancy new skates so I'll try to get a picture of those too!
On Saturday evening Connor witnessed his first baseball game with Grandpa Jim! Connor got his little White Sox shirt on and watched the Sox play on the big screen in the basement. I think Grandpa Jim was in hog heaven!

We had some great news on Saturday evening as our friends Chris and Erin (see their picture with Connor in an earlier blog posting) announced they are expecting their own little one! Erin is 7 weeks and due in early May. We're so thrilled! Chris and Erin are such special people to us and we can't wait for another little playmate for Connor.

On Sunday we had our first trip to church. Connor, Dan, and I went to church with my parents on Sunday at St. Patrick's in LaSalle (where Dan and I were married). We attended 11 am mass and Connor did great. Let out a few little wimpers but other than that behaved very well thru mass. We had to document his first trip to church - here is a picture outside of church:

We then had brunch at the Stodden's. It was so YUMMY - they sure know how to spoil us! Ms. Imogene will celebrate her 90th birthday and I feel so blessed to have this picture of her and Connor together. Imogene has played an important role in my life and it brings me great joy to see her with Connor.

Last stop on Sunday was after a long nap we stopped at TJ and Hillary's on our way out of town to see the Goodbreds. Blake and I are buddies so I was so glad to see him - how cute is he?!? Love that kid (and his parents too!)

We got back home to New Berlin around 11 PM last night and had a pretty decent night with Connor. Dan is back to work today full-time so its really Mom/Connor time now. The day started off with a bang with two outfit changes in about an hour - Connor puking on me and peeing all over himself, me, and the changing table. Good times were had by all! :) Its a good thing he's so darn cute and I have a great sense of humor!
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today was your day!

Well today, September 19th was Connor's original due date. Hard to imagine that I could have gone another two weeks of being pregnant. Thank goodness he had the good sense to come when he did! So instead, yesterday we celebrated Connor's 2 week birthday! (and his cousin Grace's 6 week birthday!) He is much more alert and we've seen his eyes a lot more in week 2 than week 1.

Here are a few of Connor's two week photos:

The day was much lower key than planned. We intended to go visit our friends the Happ's again but after a long night/morning full of crying Connor and I ended up both sacked out by early afternoon. We left the house only once to go on a walk with Bree and Grandpa Jim. We got to use the stroller for the first time which was very exciting!

Other than that - my mom arrived home very late last night from the hospital in Chicago where my grandmother had surgery yesterday. We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers for her. Yesterday she received a new hip (this is now the 3rd hip device to be put in since June) and extensive repairs to a broken femur were complete. She is currently in ICU and my Uncle Dan/Aunt Penny are in Chicago with my Grandpa for the weekend. Will be good for my mom to be home for a few days to re-charge.

Here are the only other pictures I have from the last day or so - enjoy!

Have a great weekend - get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've fallen behind!

Sorry for the delay in the post - I had every intention of getting online and getting a post done and somehow sleep just took priority. So here it is...

Wednesday we had planned to make our first road trip to Peru in late afternoon. On Wednesday morning my mom called to say my Grandmother was needing to be transported back to the hospital in Chicago and they were holding out hoping she'd get a chance to see Connor. So Dan and I got up, packed, showered, and into the car within the hour. With Connor...I'd say that was a small miracle. Its a good thing I married a man who is GREAT at packing the car! Somehow he makes it all fit!

So with that - we had Connor's first 'road trip' - he did great. Slept almost the whole time with only a small little whimper when Mom and Dad were eating McDonalds in Beloit! :)
Here are some pictures:

We drove right to the nursing home in Mendota, IL. We got about 30 minutes with Grandma before my mom and Grandpa arrived to prepare for the journey to Chicago. Its safe to say he got his Great-Grandma's stamp of approval. Grandma will have her 5th surgery since June 18th tomorrow. We continue to pray for her and her healing. She's at Weiss Hospital in Chicago and we are thankful she is with some of the best doctors. Please pray for her.

Last night we discovered Connor lost his umbilical cord - another momentous occasion. We had a moment of laughter as Dan searched his diaper and clothes to find it! Our little man is growing up before our eyes!

I can hear him saying "Look Mom -no cord!"

Today, Connor has his first formal photo shoot. We've been blessed to have found Phil and Andrea McConville and are thankful to have them a part of our lives and help us document it. They are so talented. This morning they had a newborn session with Connor. Here are a few pictures I took of Phil and Andrea with Connor - I can't say it enough - they are wonderful, personable people and so talented! Be sure you check them out if you are in need of any photography. http://www.philmcconville.com/

After the photo shoot Dan returned to Milwaukee to DJ a party tonight and then head to Duluth, MN in the morning to do an inline marathon on Saturday morning. Will be a few long nights without him undoubtedl!
The rest of the day - Connor and I made a trip to one of my parents offices to meet some of their staff and then went back to the nursing home to clean out Grandma's belongings. When we got to Peru we headed to visit some of our favorite people - the Happ's. (You might recall from my earlier post Jenna was the one who passed her RN boards the day after Connor was born) We spent a few hours with Frankie and Jenna and plan to see them again tomorrow. I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't take a single picture. Guess we'll save that for tomorrow! :)
We're off to dinner at the Peru Pizza House with my dad, Hillary, and TJ - YUM! Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have a little champ!

Well Connor was quite the little champ today! We had a 10:45 am appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to take care of the membrane under his tongue. Connor remained really calm as the doctor checked him out. For the procedure they numbed him and then cut the membrane out. I stepped out of the room - just couldn't handle watching it. Dan stayed in the room to hold Connor as the procedure happened. Start to finish - it took about 2 minutes so the doctor and his two nurses made sure it all went quick. We had some inital crying but by the time we got to the car we had some of the bottle I had packed and he was fast asleep about half way home. We thought maybe once the numbing agent wore off he'd start to feel some pain - but nope...he had a pretty happy rest of the day!

We had more visitors today! Becky Komarek (who I grew up with - she calls my parents her 2nd parents and I call her parents the same for me!) was in Europe when Connor was born. She got home on Saturday night and she drove up from Chicago today; we were so happy to see her! Then our dear friend Stefanie Severson came over after work today. She brought us some yummy pizza and got some quality time with Connor. Dan had an appointment with a couple who's wedding he is working at so Stef helped keep an eye on Connor while I walked Bree!

Tomorrow will be Connor's first road trip. (His parents are crossing their fingers considering we are two people constantly on the go!) We'll head to Peru at some point tomorrow. Andrea and Phil McConville who own McConville Studio photographed our wedding and on Thursday morning will shoot Connor to get some great infant shots. They are two extremely talented individuals and we're thrilled to get a chance to work with them again. If you are in the Illinois Valley (or even Chicago area) they do awesome work - definitely check them out and consider them for any needs you might have. http://www.philmcconville.com/

In the typical crazy schedule of Dan - he'll come with me to Peru tomorrow and on Thursday afternoon will drive back to Milwaukee, DJ a party on Thursday night and then on Friday bee-line it to Duluth, MN where he'll race in the Duluth Inline Marathon on Saturday. While I wish we could go to be there in Duluth, I think the trip would be a bit too much for Connor right now. I know Dan is looking forward to going - our original due date is Saturday and I think secretly Dan is happy Connor came early so he'll be able to go. Its one of his favorite races and we're glad he won't miss it. (Though don't get me wrong- had Connor not arrived he was more than happy to stay here and wait for his arrival. Just want to be sure I don't have you all misled!) Keeping track of Dan's schedule I swear could be a full time job! I know several of his family members have inquired on here about when we'll make it up north - to that I guess I will say.....let me consult Dan's calendar. I want to say he is DJ'n or video taping a wedding every weekend in October.....hopefully it won't be much longer!

I think it might be funny to do an outfit count daily - considering right now we are going thru clothes like its my job. Connor did pretty well today - Outfit Count: 3

Here are some pictures from the day:

Ms. Bree is anxious to be home with her momma. Look at those sad puppy dog eyes....

Ms. Stefanie and Connor

This is the life....

Connor and Becky

Flying Solo

Well yesterday, Monday September 14th marked Connor and my first day solo. I do have to say - we did just fine! It was kind of nice to have a day to figure out how I'm going to manage on my own and so far he's been pretty easy on his mom. Minus several clothing changes, the fountain of Connor (that seems to spray everywhere!), and trying to get past leaving him for 5 minutes to move the laundry down the hall - all was good! We live really close to our offices, which makes it nice so Dan could come home at lunch to visit us. My parents dog Bree is with us (her picture is below - she was developing a complex that no one was taking pictures of her but only Connor) for a few days while my parents handle some of my grandmothers health and arrangements. She's always a pleasure to have and so far has really minded her own business as it relates to Connor. I think she is moping a little that she doesn't get as much attention (sorry Bree, I only have two hands!) but doesn't bark at him or try to lick him or anything. She's been a good girl!

Our friend Jenna came to visit last night along with Aunt Nicole. We finished off the most amazing Chicken Pot Pie I think I've ever had - Julie Baima made it for us and we had cooked it on Sunday and have had it for every meal until it was finished off last night. Seriously so good - Dan says she should sell them. I think we'd be one of her biggest buyers -really good! Thanks Julie! We also had one of Dan's favorites "Apple Pie in a Bag" from the Elegant Farmer. http://www.elegantfarmer.com/ If you live in the Milwaukee area and have never been - you absolutely need to go. Its a really neat place and their apple pie is to die for. Our friends the Rose's went on Saturday with their kiddos and they got us a pie. Abby, Nate, and Eric dropped it off yesterday. Come to think of it - I may just have a piece for breakfast. Hey, it has apples in it so its sort of healthy, right? ;)

Today Dan is staying home - we are going to see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor in Menomonee Falls for Connor. He's got an extra membrane under his tongue that our peditrician would like to have taken care of sooner rather than later. So wish us luck - the ped seems to think they'll 'snip' it today during the office visit. Breaks my heart to think about it - but we'll see what happens. So far he's been a champ.

Ok - off to get that piece of apple pie and get ready for another day, another new adventure.

Pictures as always are below - ENJOY! Happy Tuesday