Tuesday, September 8, 2009

24 Hours of Many "First's"

There have been a few "first's" that have occured in the last 24 hours: First Sponge Bath, First Doctors Appointment, First Bottle.....

Well in my zombie like state of typing the post last night - I failed to mention that Connor received his first 'bath' by his Grandma Paulsrud and Dan. It was simply a sponge bath but we'll document it none the less.

Here are a few pictures:

This morning Dan, Connor and I also made the trip to visit the Pediatrician. She's great - Dr. Amy Thrasher, DO - she is at High Pointe Clinic in New Berlin and is fantastic. She gave Connor a full look over and has given us the green light that he's a keeper! We'll stop by to see her on Thursday for a quick touch base but otherwise the little guy is looking good! (Not that we needed to be told that!?!)

Connor getting measured - long legs! (I think we can safely say that gene was not inherited from me)

Connor and Dr. Thrasher

Here is Dan giving Connor his first bottle - proud papa!

Well I'm off to catch some ZZZZZ's before what it sure to be another long night. Hope everyone had a blessed Tuesday and Happy Hump Day tomorrow! Just think...only three days until the weekend!

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  1. Hmmm, that is one good lookin' little guy, is sure has the long legs. Love those first bath pictures. Did he even cry?
    Glad to hear the doctor has given him the once over, that's always so reassurung!
    Are Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud doing their share of Connor holding?