Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost One Week Old

Well at this time last week I was in labor and it was long before Dan and I were heading to the hospital for the experience of a lifetime. In a few short hours Connor will celebrate his one-week birthday! Happy One Week Birthday Little Guy! Our lives have certainly changed a lot in one weeks time.

We had a trip back to the doctor today for a check in - all was good. As most babies do Connor had lost some weight after birth but we're happy to report he's gaining and the doctor was thrilled! We were back up to 6 pounds 13 oz today - so only a few ounces short of our birth weight (7 pounds 2 oz)

I'm running a little low on sleep/energy so this will be a short entry. To answer a few questions that people have left on the blog:

-Is he sleeping? Well yes, he is of course sleeping - now are they at the hours we want? Not just yet! Actually we had a great night on Tuesday night - it was pretty much like clock work he was up every three hours to eat and then right back to sleep. Last night...not so much. He was wide awake from about 12 am to 2 am and then was up about every hour after that. It was a long night to say the least. Who knows what type of adventure this evening will bring.....

-Does he like the bottle? Yes, he seems to have taken to the bottle, which is nice for me and gives Dan (and others) the chance to feed him. The bottle is purely a supplement at this point but he seems to have adjusted.

-Are Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud getting in lots of time with Connor? Yes indeed! They've been here for his first bath, first bottle, etc. and one of them is pretty much holding him when he's not being fed. Hopefully they'd agree that they've gotten some good quality time in with him! :)
-Does he cry? Yes he definitely does cry but in general (knock on wood) has been a pretty calm, relaxed baby. He cries when he is hungry and generally speaking thats just about it. I can tell you that cry has a fierce pitch to it though - that kid was born with some serious lungs! :)

Other than that - as most of you are aware my family has been on quite a journey as my grandmother received a hip replacement in June. I won't go into the details but she's had multiple surgeries since and right when we feel like she is turning a corner another set back seems in front of us. She was transported back to Weiss Hospital in Chicago this morning and we're waiting to hear the news in the morning if surgery number 4 will be happening. Please pray for her as well as my Grandpa and Mother who are there with her during this very difficult time.

I leave you with a few photos - because after all, we all know you like the photos than the text! :)
This is our dear friend Jenny Strachota who came to visit us after work today. She was in New Jersey last week and was hoping Connor would stay put until she returned. (Obviously he didn't listen to "Aunt" Jenny) She sure was happy to see him today when she returned and we were glad to see her too! She happened to catch the end of a feeding and got to feed Connor a bottle too!

Grandpa Mike got a chance to feed Connor too!

This last one is for my college girlfriends. They threw me an amazing shower and most definitely 'showered' us with WAAAYYY too many gifts! This Boppy Travel Swing was one and just thought they'd like to know Connor is particularly fond of it. Thanks again girls!

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