Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flying Solo

Well yesterday, Monday September 14th marked Connor and my first day solo. I do have to say - we did just fine! It was kind of nice to have a day to figure out how I'm going to manage on my own and so far he's been pretty easy on his mom. Minus several clothing changes, the fountain of Connor (that seems to spray everywhere!), and trying to get past leaving him for 5 minutes to move the laundry down the hall - all was good! We live really close to our offices, which makes it nice so Dan could come home at lunch to visit us. My parents dog Bree is with us (her picture is below - she was developing a complex that no one was taking pictures of her but only Connor) for a few days while my parents handle some of my grandmothers health and arrangements. She's always a pleasure to have and so far has really minded her own business as it relates to Connor. I think she is moping a little that she doesn't get as much attention (sorry Bree, I only have two hands!) but doesn't bark at him or try to lick him or anything. She's been a good girl!

Our friend Jenna came to visit last night along with Aunt Nicole. We finished off the most amazing Chicken Pot Pie I think I've ever had - Julie Baima made it for us and we had cooked it on Sunday and have had it for every meal until it was finished off last night. Seriously so good - Dan says she should sell them. I think we'd be one of her biggest buyers -really good! Thanks Julie! We also had one of Dan's favorites "Apple Pie in a Bag" from the Elegant Farmer. http://www.elegantfarmer.com/ If you live in the Milwaukee area and have never been - you absolutely need to go. Its a really neat place and their apple pie is to die for. Our friends the Rose's went on Saturday with their kiddos and they got us a pie. Abby, Nate, and Eric dropped it off yesterday. Come to think of it - I may just have a piece for breakfast. Hey, it has apples in it so its sort of healthy, right? ;)

Today Dan is staying home - we are going to see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor in Menomonee Falls for Connor. He's got an extra membrane under his tongue that our peditrician would like to have taken care of sooner rather than later. So wish us luck - the ped seems to think they'll 'snip' it today during the office visit. Breaks my heart to think about it - but we'll see what happens. So far he's been a champ.

Ok - off to get that piece of apple pie and get ready for another day, another new adventure.

Pictures as always are below - ENJOY! Happy Tuesday

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