Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today September 13th is Grandparents Day! Connor would like to wish his Grandparents and Great-Grandparents a happy day! To all those out there with such a distinguished title - we hope you have a great day today too! Connor is extra thankful for such loving and support Grandparents!
Yesterday was a day FULL of visitors - some of Connor's biggest fans who have been waiting so long for him to arrive.



Grandpa Jim stopped by for a few hours and happened to be here to feed Connor - hoping he might be back today!

TJ getting his chance to feed Connor - slightly distracted by the Notre Dame Game :)

Lucas Zukowski came too! He is 9 months older than Connor and I'm sure will be best buds! :)

Chris and ErinMs Hillary!

In addition to everyone meeting Connor we celebrated the news that our dear friends TJ and Hillary were engaged yesterday morning. It was so great that we were together to hear the news and celebrate in person. Like every great event planner - I just happened to have some champagne in my fridge so we toasted the newly engaged couple with a bit of bubbly! Congrats TJ and Hill!!

We were also showered with more gifts and lots of yummy food. Thanks to Julie and John Baima for the homemade Chicken Pot Pie, Amy and Wally for the Lasagna, and TJ and Hillary for the Chicken Enchiladas!! Its safe to say we'll be eating good this week!
Dan has had a busy weekend (as usual) he DJ'd a wedding last night and today is DJ'ing a 4 year old birthday party. Thank goodness the man has such amazing patience; I think he'll need it today!
Hope everyone has a great Sunday - please continue to pray for my grandmothers healing as we are in need of some very postive prayers and thoughts for her.
Enjoy your day - hope its as beautiful of a day where you are as it is in Milwaukee!

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