Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last night a little after 7 PM we were released from the West Allis Women's Pavilion. My wonderful OB (Dr. Curtis Cornella-Carlson) came in yesterday and said things looked great and if I wanted to go home he'd do what he could to push the paperwork. Such a God send. For everyone that is a part of my family (either by blood or extended) know that we've spent so many hours in a hospital the last few months and are just thankful to be home and resting comfortable in our own space!

We've officially got a full house - Scott, Tracy and Grace arrived from Fridley, MN around 6 PM yesterday. My mom and dad are here and Mike and Diane Paulsrud (Dan's parents) arrived from Eau Claire, WI last night around 10:30 PM. Mike took this week off work - they are in a hotel down the street until some 'room at the Inn' frees up here on Monday. We've got bodies in every location and two infants trying to get thru the night - certainly the first night was nothing less than an adventure!

Prior to knowing my due date - my dad and I had gotten 4 tickets to the White Sox vs. Red Sox game today at Comiskey (sorry I cannot call it US Cellular Field). Dan, my dad, Scott, and Mike are getting ready to head down to Chicago now to catch a 1:05 game and worry not - that still leaves PLENTY of extra hands here and actually space for everyone to sit!

I'll try to upload some pictures next. Thanks for the calls, voicemails, emails, etc. eventually I will get around to responding but for now - many thanks to all!

One final note - one of our good friends Jenna Happ passed her nursing boards and shared her news with us yesterday. We feel so blessed to have her (and her entire family) a part of our lives and just couldn't be prouder of her. We're so proud Jenna - congrats girl!

My friends from college are probably dying - they will tell you that if I am given enough space and time I could write novels - sorry for two long posts in a row - I guess get used to it! For now...more sleep...less typing!

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