Thursday, September 24, 2009

I forgot my camera!

Well today Connor made his first trip to GMR! He was welcomed with arms wide open (literally) and enjoyed being held by several people who have been waiting months for his arrival! I totally forgot the camera so I have no pictures (shame on me!). I promise next time to take pictures - I'm sure my team will gladly welcome him in again for a photo shoot ;)

Tomorrow Tracy and Grace will be flying to Milwaukee. Wish Grace good luck on her very first flight! Be a good girl Gracie - we need you to be a good little flyer for all those fun trips we are going to take together! We'll be heading to Chicago to visit with Tracy and my Grandma who is still in the hospital there once they arrive and then eventually on to Peru. Saturday we will join our family friends to celebrate Imogene's 90th Birthday! Will be a big weekend for these two little cousins - let's hope they are as good of travelers as their parents!

Here are a few other pictures - we received this beautiful blanket from my family friend Rhonda Eustice and the colors match my favorite polka dot chair (not to mention the nursery) so I decided to take a few shots of Connor with the chair and the awesome blanket. Thanks Rhonda its so wonderful!!

Ok - this kid will kill me someday for even having this picture let alone posting it but look at all that super cute peach fuzz/back hair! :)

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