Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've fallen behind!

Sorry for the delay in the post - I had every intention of getting online and getting a post done and somehow sleep just took priority. So here it is...

Wednesday we had planned to make our first road trip to Peru in late afternoon. On Wednesday morning my mom called to say my Grandmother was needing to be transported back to the hospital in Chicago and they were holding out hoping she'd get a chance to see Connor. So Dan and I got up, packed, showered, and into the car within the hour. With Connor...I'd say that was a small miracle. Its a good thing I married a man who is GREAT at packing the car! Somehow he makes it all fit!

So with that - we had Connor's first 'road trip' - he did great. Slept almost the whole time with only a small little whimper when Mom and Dad were eating McDonalds in Beloit! :)
Here are some pictures:

We drove right to the nursing home in Mendota, IL. We got about 30 minutes with Grandma before my mom and Grandpa arrived to prepare for the journey to Chicago. Its safe to say he got his Great-Grandma's stamp of approval. Grandma will have her 5th surgery since June 18th tomorrow. We continue to pray for her and her healing. She's at Weiss Hospital in Chicago and we are thankful she is with some of the best doctors. Please pray for her.

Last night we discovered Connor lost his umbilical cord - another momentous occasion. We had a moment of laughter as Dan searched his diaper and clothes to find it! Our little man is growing up before our eyes!

I can hear him saying "Look Mom -no cord!"

Today, Connor has his first formal photo shoot. We've been blessed to have found Phil and Andrea McConville and are thankful to have them a part of our lives and help us document it. They are so talented. This morning they had a newborn session with Connor. Here are a few pictures I took of Phil and Andrea with Connor - I can't say it enough - they are wonderful, personable people and so talented! Be sure you check them out if you are in need of any photography.

After the photo shoot Dan returned to Milwaukee to DJ a party tonight and then head to Duluth, MN in the morning to do an inline marathon on Saturday morning. Will be a few long nights without him undoubtedl!
The rest of the day - Connor and I made a trip to one of my parents offices to meet some of their staff and then went back to the nursing home to clean out Grandma's belongings. When we got to Peru we headed to visit some of our favorite people - the Happ's. (You might recall from my earlier post Jenna was the one who passed her RN boards the day after Connor was born) We spent a few hours with Frankie and Jenna and plan to see them again tomorrow. I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't take a single picture. Guess we'll save that for tomorrow! :)
We're off to dinner at the Peru Pizza House with my dad, Hillary, and TJ - YUM! Have a great night everyone!

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