Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

Well we've hit the three week wall....I think its safe to say that Dan and I have reached the 'pure exhaustion' state. After the trip on Friday and another wild night last night its been hard to recover.

Saturday we headed to our family friends the Stodden's where we celebrated Imogene's 90th Birthday! Imogene has played a special role in our lives (and those of many others) and it was so nice to be there to celebrate the day with her. I can still remember some times at Northview Elementary when I was sick at school (and both my parents worked outside of town) that Imogene would come pick me up and be sure I was well taken care of (aka spoiled) until my mom and dad could get there.

Here is Imogene with Grace on her special day:

Other than the party - I cannot even remember what else we did yesterday, ha!?! Today we went to church, had lunch with the Stoddens and then tonight I made dinner and the Komareks and Benac's stopped by for some visits.

Tracy and I are in Peru until Tuesday - Grace is getting some photos with the McConville's on Tuesday and then we'll head back to Milwaukee. Grace and Tracy fly back to Minneapolis on Wednesday.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow and be thinking a little clearer to type something witty! (or at least be able to remember what happened during the day!)

Have a great week everyone

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