Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today was your day!

Well today, September 19th was Connor's original due date. Hard to imagine that I could have gone another two weeks of being pregnant. Thank goodness he had the good sense to come when he did! So instead, yesterday we celebrated Connor's 2 week birthday! (and his cousin Grace's 6 week birthday!) He is much more alert and we've seen his eyes a lot more in week 2 than week 1.

Here are a few of Connor's two week photos:

The day was much lower key than planned. We intended to go visit our friends the Happ's again but after a long night/morning full of crying Connor and I ended up both sacked out by early afternoon. We left the house only once to go on a walk with Bree and Grandpa Jim. We got to use the stroller for the first time which was very exciting!

Other than that - my mom arrived home very late last night from the hospital in Chicago where my grandmother had surgery yesterday. We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers for her. Yesterday she received a new hip (this is now the 3rd hip device to be put in since June) and extensive repairs to a broken femur were complete. She is currently in ICU and my Uncle Dan/Aunt Penny are in Chicago with my Grandpa for the weekend. Will be good for my mom to be home for a few days to re-charge.

Here are the only other pictures I have from the last day or so - enjoy!

Have a great weekend - get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

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