Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have a little champ!

Well Connor was quite the little champ today! We had a 10:45 am appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to take care of the membrane under his tongue. Connor remained really calm as the doctor checked him out. For the procedure they numbed him and then cut the membrane out. I stepped out of the room - just couldn't handle watching it. Dan stayed in the room to hold Connor as the procedure happened. Start to finish - it took about 2 minutes so the doctor and his two nurses made sure it all went quick. We had some inital crying but by the time we got to the car we had some of the bottle I had packed and he was fast asleep about half way home. We thought maybe once the numbing agent wore off he'd start to feel some pain - but nope...he had a pretty happy rest of the day!

We had more visitors today! Becky Komarek (who I grew up with - she calls my parents her 2nd parents and I call her parents the same for me!) was in Europe when Connor was born. She got home on Saturday night and she drove up from Chicago today; we were so happy to see her! Then our dear friend Stefanie Severson came over after work today. She brought us some yummy pizza and got some quality time with Connor. Dan had an appointment with a couple who's wedding he is working at so Stef helped keep an eye on Connor while I walked Bree!

Tomorrow will be Connor's first road trip. (His parents are crossing their fingers considering we are two people constantly on the go!) We'll head to Peru at some point tomorrow. Andrea and Phil McConville who own McConville Studio photographed our wedding and on Thursday morning will shoot Connor to get some great infant shots. They are two extremely talented individuals and we're thrilled to get a chance to work with them again. If you are in the Illinois Valley (or even Chicago area) they do awesome work - definitely check them out and consider them for any needs you might have. http://www.philmcconville.com/

In the typical crazy schedule of Dan - he'll come with me to Peru tomorrow and on Thursday afternoon will drive back to Milwaukee, DJ a party on Thursday night and then on Friday bee-line it to Duluth, MN where he'll race in the Duluth Inline Marathon on Saturday. While I wish we could go to be there in Duluth, I think the trip would be a bit too much for Connor right now. I know Dan is looking forward to going - our original due date is Saturday and I think secretly Dan is happy Connor came early so he'll be able to go. Its one of his favorite races and we're glad he won't miss it. (Though don't get me wrong- had Connor not arrived he was more than happy to stay here and wait for his arrival. Just want to be sure I don't have you all misled!) Keeping track of Dan's schedule I swear could be a full time job! I know several of his family members have inquired on here about when we'll make it up north - to that I guess I will say.....let me consult Dan's calendar. I want to say he is DJ'n or video taping a wedding every weekend in October.....hopefully it won't be much longer!

I think it might be funny to do an outfit count daily - considering right now we are going thru clothes like its my job. Connor did pretty well today - Outfit Count: 3

Here are some pictures from the day:

Ms. Bree is anxious to be home with her momma. Look at those sad puppy dog eyes....

Ms. Stefanie and Connor

This is the life....

Connor and Becky


  1. He already looks like he grew from when I saw him on Saturday! I love the little polo outfit :) Enjoy your visit to the IVA!

  2. Congrats Julie! He is so so so precious. What a doll. Enjoy him!