Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy 8 Week Birthday Connor

Well 8 weeks ago today at 1:49 am Connor James Paulsrud joined the world! What a wide ride the last 8 weeks have been! We've already seen a lot of changes and growth - looking forward to more changes everyday!

Short post today we are trying desperately to get everything packed as we head to Eau Claire to visit Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud. It's much harder to pack and get on the road. Dan is finishing up and I wanted to get these pre-Halloween pictures up before we left. You'll have to stay tuned for pictures of Connors actual Halloween costume! (Thanks Gilberts!!!)

Have a great (and safe) weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One - Two - Three Strikes You're Out!

Well today was pretty uneventful. We had a crabby Mr. Connor today - not sure if maybe he is having a growth spurt but not much would make him happy! As the member of a baseball crazy family (ok well really only my Dad and brother are crazy) we thought we'd make sure that we highlighted today as being Connor's first World Series Game. He wore his All Star outfit for the occasion!

The 2009 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. the New York Yankees. Tonight was Game 1 in New York. Connor's Uncle Keith lives in New York and is a Yankees Season Ticket Holder and I'm sure was not happy with the outcome of the game tonight! There are two natives of the Illinois Valley that play for the Phillies (Chad Durbin and JA Happ) so I'm sure this series will have a variety of people cheering for teams they normally wouldn't cheer for!
Here is some World Series Trivia for you thanks to Wikipedia:
The New York Yankees of the American League have played in 40 of the 105 Series through 2009 and have won 26 World Series championships through 2008, the most of any Major League franchise and exactly one quarter of all World Series titles won to date. For the National League, the Dodgers have appeared in the Series the most at 18 times (9 each in Brooklyn and Los Angeles), but have won the Series only 6 times (once as Brooklyn, five times as Los Angeles). The St. Louis Cardinals have represented the National League 17 times and have won 10 championships, which is the second most of any Major League Team. The Chicago Cubs have the longest streak of not winning the World Series, with their last championship coming in 1908. (So sorry Cub's fan...I'm really only pointing this out for historical information - he he he!)

Final Score of Game 1: Philadelphia 6/New York Yankees 1 (sorry Uncle Keith!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Photos

Weekend flew by - Connor had his first trip to the Elegant Farmer on Saturday with Nicole Frkol and I. Dan and I have been there a bunch of times - we're HUGE fans! :) Dan was up near Sheboygan, WI video taping and DJ'ing a wedding so was gone all day! We had a pretty uneventful Sunday as Dan was exhausted and just wanting to spend some time with Connor - so we just hung out at home!

Dan has updated the Video To Go website - go check it out if you get a chance: He's had a really busy fall and is already booked for several 2010 dates so we're hoping the business continues to build!

Otherwise - just photos today!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who knew?!?

The funny thing about blogs are that you never know how many people are reading it - am I just babbling on and on for my own sake or are there people reading? Well I started to get a taste of just how many people were reading the blog when I hadn't posted anything in about 5 days!

So to my faithful readers - I have two videos for you today...your favorite, I know!
Last night was pretty low key - I've been feeling a bit under the weather. I think (thankfully or I should say hopefully) that I'm just having some symptoms from the flu shot. Been having the chills/yet sweating, aching body/muscles, no appetite, etc. I am feeling a little better today so thats why I'm hopeful its just the flu shot making its way thru my system! The doctor was pretty passionate about the fact that anyone that will be around Connor for any significant amount of time have the flu shot. He wouldn't be eligble to receive the flu shot until 6 months so his only protection is if we're protected.

Dan and I qualify to get the H1N1 vaccicine as one of the high risk categories are people who live/care for infants. With the large shortage they've asked that children and pregnant women come in first with the other high risk categories following after. Is it me or is there reason to be concerned that there has been no time for testing on this vaccine? (or should I say limited time) I'm all for doing anything to protect Connor from that nasty bug - just makes me a little anxious to think we'd be in the first round of humans to receive the vaccination. I'd certainly be interested in hearing anyones opinion on the topic as I still weigh the positives/negatives of the vaccine.

Today was an interesting day - lots of fussiness this morning. Connor got a bath early this afternoon and wouldn't you know before I had a chance to put on a diaper he made a HUGE mess all over the towel. Then I made a not so good attempt at cutting his nails....lets just say there would be no trophies going out for best mom after the afternoon I've had!

Tonight Dan will head north to Sheboygan to meet with a couple who he is video taping and DJ'in their wedding this weekend. I think Sheboygan is a little over an hour from here. His meeting is at 7 so he'll head out right after work. I'm headed back over to Mollie's to hang with her and my good friend Jenny Strachota. Will be nice to get out of the house and see the girls again!

Tomorrow is my check up with the OB where hopefully I'll get the clearance to go back to exercising. Nicole Frkol has so graciously taken the afternoon off to watch Connor while I go to the doctor and allow me some time to run some errands. Much appreciated!!

With that - here's what you've been waiting for:

So there are a lot of things that I can (or cannot) take credit for - this, my friends, I cannot take credit for - now if Connor was say....talking in his sleep...maybe I had something to do with it, but snoring....isn't me! :) Note: This video has bad lighting but is more about the sound than the picture!
Connor was chatting up a storm and then got camera shy as soon as I took out the camera! Oh well - enjoy the little babbles I could get!
About two minutes after this video was taken - this picture was taken - guess the little guy was tired from all that chatting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We LOVE Date Night!

Well today was a good day! A lot less throwing up - which is absolutely fantastic in my eyes and is saving me on some laundry too! (just an added perk!)

Today Connor and I made a trip into GMR. I had a meeting so Dan watched him while I met with my VP for an hour and a half. It was nice to stimulate the mind again! :) Connor got to visit with some of his biggest GMR fans including Joni. Joni, you might recall, is the one who purchased Connor's big puppy that his weekly photos have been taken with.

Here he is having a little snack in Joni's cube!
After work Dan and I got a much needed break and our friends Mollie and Matt watched Connor so we could have a "Date Night" - it was such a treat for us! Dan and I went and got our flu shots (romantic, I know!) and then on to Maggiano's for dinner...YUM! ( We LOVE that place and haven't been in forever. Dan is particularly fond of it as he loves their lasagna and for anyone who has been there - you will know it is like the size of a brick..just huge! He enjoyed every bite! THANK YOU MOLLIE & MATT!!!!
Connor continues to get stronger every day - his neck is getting really strong. Here he is holding his head up while Dan is holding him.

And for friends and family afar - a little video to brighten your day! (Ok this video does not really portray how good he is with holding his head up - but cute none the less)

We'd also like to congratulate our friends John and Sara Kubica who this evening welcomed a baby girl into their family. Madelyn Jeanne Kubica was born at 5:55pm on October 20th. She weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz and 21.5 inches in length. We haven't seen any pictures yet but we're sure she is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to meet her!

Well after a long day Connor and I are just snuggling up on the couch while Dan edits a wedding video watching the Biggest Loser from earlier tonight. The perfect end to the day! Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

We've got a 10 pounder folks!

Well its official - Connor was weighed at the doctors office today and he was 10 pounds 8 ounces! Way to go Connor! We stopped by there because our dear Connor has been having some stomach issues and my mom had also noticed a small lump on the back of his head (near his hairline) so we wanted to get all checked out.

Turns out the lump is a lymphnode - so the doctor gave us some tips of things to look for/watch it to see if it changes but she is confident it will go down with time and perhaps Connor is fighting a little something off which caused it to surface.

All in all - we got some tips/things to watch for but nothing too serious. We were glad to get him weighed and find out he is tracking normal (and a little above) as far as weight.

Ok - starting tomorrow I'll get better about taking pictures - I have no new ones to share!


On beautiful Sunday October 11, 2009 Connor was baptized. It was a wonderful day full of family and friends. Connor was baptized at St. Anthony on the Lake Catholic Church Dan and I belong to and attend this church regularly and it was wonderful to have our family and friends there not only for the baptism but many came to mass prior to. (Mass was at 10:45 am and the baptism began at 12:30 pm) Connor's godparents were Aunt Tracy and Uncle Keith - both had to travel quite a ways to get here for the baptism and it meant so much! Connor was baptized in the same clothing that Keith was - it was given to Keith by our Grandma and Grandpa Coughlin. We know there were there in spirit with us that day. Over the outfit Connor also wore a baptismal gown that was made by my Great Aunt Betty for my mom when she was baptized. My mom was baptized in this gown as well as Keith, Tracy, and I.

Our dear friends Eric and Shelley's son Nathan Rose (born in June) was baptized the same day. It was a true celebration to be able to do this together with them.
The baptism was performed by Deacon Mike Finley. If you were not aware, to be married in a Catholic church there are a variety of pre-marital classes, meetings, etc. that you complete to prepare you for the sacrament of marriage. Dan and I completed our pre-marital requirements with our parish here in Pewaukee. One of the requirements here is that you meet with a couple in the parish and we were assigned Mike and Sue Finley. Little did we know at the time that this was "Deacon Mike" that we would be meeting with! So it was extra special for us that he was able to baptize Connor - now having prepared our family for two very meaningful sacraments in the church. He did a great job of explaining the christening process and the meaning of the different symbols that are utilized. Was a wonderful baptism.

My parents had rented a house on Pewaukee Lake and after the bapstim our family and friends along with Eric and Shelley's all headed to the house for a luncheon and time to visit. Was a super nice day and a great reminder of all of the love and support in Connor's (and our) lives.

Thank you to those who traveled near and far to be there!
The Rose and Paulsrud Families!

Our friends Jenny & Joe flew in from NYC - here is Jenny meeting Connor for the first time before mass. Our friend Marla also flew in from Atlanta - we are so blessed to have so much support.

These are the only two pictures I have from the luncheon! Shame on me - was too busy enjoying all the wonderful company! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to the World Nolan and Jacob!

I know - I know - I'm WAY behind! I'll try to get the baptism blog done either today or tomorrow, its been kind of a crazy week.

With that - I do just want to welcome my cousin Erin's new twin boys to the world! They were born on Thursday October 15, 2009 at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns in San Diego, CA.

Nolan Thomas Sacco Pineda was born at 6:12 PM and weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz
Jacob Charles Sacco Pineda was born at 6:13 PM and weighted 7 lbs. 9 oz

Nolan and Jacob!
The Sacco Pineda Family!
Jacob stretching his arms!
Erin and Nolan

My cousin Kristin took this picture - it must have been in the hospital - I thought it was clever and really does make me feel old! :)

Congratulations Mike and Erin!! We're so happy for you - Nolan and Jacob could not have asked for two better people as parents!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rally for Aly!

On Saturday we all participated in the 32nd annual Briggs & Al's Run & Walk for Children's Hospital Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009 on 12th Street and Wisconsin Avenue, in downtown Milwaukee.Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital is the oldest run and walk in the state of Wisconsin and one of the largest combined 8K events in the United States. Since its beginning, Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children's Hospital has raised more than $10.3 million for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, with 100 percent of the gifts and pledges going directly to help children.
We raised money in memory of Alyssa Pape and were a part of the Rally for Aly Team the Pape Family has put together the last 5 years. Dan and I raised over $1,800 with the team raising well over $7,000! Thank you to all those that supported us. It was a beautiful day and a reminder of why all things are worth living for and how very blessed we are.
It was a bit chilly - here are some pictures from the day: