Monday, October 5, 2009

And he's one month old!

VERY long weekend. No pictures today. Dan has the 4 week pictures (from Friday) on the big camera which is now in his car - so I'll try to post those tomorrow. Happy 4 Week Birthday Connor! (ok - ok - I guess now it would be 4 weeks and 3 days)

Dan had a video contract for a wedding on Saturday which was a very long day for me and Connor. Connor must be going thru a growth spurt - a lot fussier and eating like its his job. Made for a hard day alone on Saturday, I'll spare the details, so lets just say - I wasn't much in the picture taking mood!

Today we are resting after another sleepless night. My dear friends Mollie and Stefanie are celebrating their birthday today - so we are trying to rest up so we can go over to Mollie and Matt's tonight for a little party. The little man is of course sleeping well now and I cannot fall asleep.....

For all the Minnesota Twin fans out there you can thank the White Sox for another chance to make the playoff's - hope you don't blow it! (not that you'll make it past the Yankee's anyways....)

And since I live in the state formerly known as "Brett Favre Land" I will say that tonight may be the one and only day I'll be cheering for the Packers as they take on the Minnesota Vikings. Really Brett Favre? The Vikings? Purple? Yeeks!

With that - Happy Birthday Mollie and Stef! Pictures to follow

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