Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And we missed it!

Ok ok - we've had a busy few days and I have sooo many pictures to sort thru. Connor was baptized yesterday, Sunday October 11, 2009. (There are a bunch on Facebook already for those who have account on there if you just can't wait for me to post them on the blog!)

So I will be sorting thru the photos and documenting the weekend via blogging tomorrow. But I just had to post that tonight, Monday October 12, 2009 marks the night Connor rolled over for the first time!

I have to say we had no indication that it would be coming so soon. Dan gave him a bath tonight and then had him laying on his tummy time mat. I was working on loading pictures on my computer and Dan was checking email and then Dan goes - "OH MY GOSH - HE ROLLED OVER!" Yup - no photo, no videos because we both missed it - ha! :) So thats the story - he was just enjoying some tummy time and we turn away for just a few minutes and the next thing we know he's on his back!

We'll be trying to get video for you all soon!

More photos and blogging to come tomorrow! Until then - here are a few of Connor....

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