Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy Few Days!

Well I'm not going to lie - this pretty much sums up how both Dan and I feel.....
Today's post will be mostly pictures - we've run ourselves a little ragged! On Monday night my sisters very best friend Kate drove down from Rochelle, IL with her little guy Luke. Luke will be turning 1 in November and gave us a clear view of whats to come for both of us! (and the amount of baby-proofing that needs to occur at my parents once we have 'movers' on our hands!) We were so happy to see them both - here are a few pictures.

Tuesday Grace had a photo shoot with the McConville's in their studio. She sure tried everyones patience - especially her mama. Thankfully Phil and Andrea were nice and patient with us (and her) so we're hopeful we got some good shots of beautiful little Grace!

Ms. Andrea and Connor are becoming buds! We're certain she's going to make a great Mom to Baby McConville coming in March - she's a natural!

When we arrived home - we ALL took naps! My grandpa and my Uncle Dan then arrived - my grandparents had a bunch of stuff at my parents since my grandmothers initial surgery in June and since my Grandma is now at a hospital near her home and Grandpa is back living at home Uncle Dan drove him over to collect some of their belongings. Much to Aunt Penny's disappointment Uncle Dan got a first shot with the babies - I'm not going to lie we called him the 'baby whisperer' because he had this way of calming Grace like no one else was able to do on Tuesday! Here is a picture of the two of them:

Tracy and I drove back to Milwaukee on Tuesday early evening - it was THANKFULLY a very uneventful trip and quiet for the most part. They flew out Wednesday morning and although Grace was awake throughout the flight she did very well for her Mom and after a few trying days without Scott - Tracy deserved that!

Wednesday night was the Children's Hospital Fundraiser that Dan and I had been planning. We worked with Matty's Bar and Grille in New Berlin and Matt the owner was fantastic to work with. Connor made an appearance and Matt decided he needed a Matty's onesie - here he is modeling it off:

Sadly I took no other pictures - but we raised over $700 last night for Children's Hospital which Dan and I are so proud of - not bad for a 3 hour event! Our friend Jenny Strachota helped us gather some raffle prizes and both Mollie and Matt Pape helped us sell raffle tickets which helped make the event such a success. We couldn't have done it without you guys - love you so much! Such a great cause we feel blessed to be able to help contribute. Yesterday would have been Alyssa Pape's 21st Birthday and what a wonderful way to honor her memory than to raise money for such a special place to the Pape family. We were EXHUASTED when it ended but you know there is something about doing something 'good' that helps you push thru exhaustion.

Here are a few other random shots from our time in Peru with Grace:

Oh and in case you hadn't heard...fall is here! Thank goodness I've got myself a little hoodie to keep me warm!

And while the exhaustion continues - I too remind myself the reason for it all and leave you with a picture of one good looking guy.

You thought it would be a picture of Connor?!? Hahaha - ok, is our little man:

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