Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We LOVE Date Night!

Well today was a good day! A lot less throwing up - which is absolutely fantastic in my eyes and is saving me on some laundry too! (just an added perk!)

Today Connor and I made a trip into GMR. I had a meeting so Dan watched him while I met with my VP for an hour and a half. It was nice to stimulate the mind again! :) Connor got to visit with some of his biggest GMR fans including Joni. Joni, you might recall, is the one who purchased Connor's big puppy that his weekly photos have been taken with.

Here he is having a little snack in Joni's cube!
After work Dan and I got a much needed break and our friends Mollie and Matt watched Connor so we could have a "Date Night" - it was such a treat for us! Dan and I went and got our flu shots (romantic, I know!) and then on to Maggiano's for dinner...YUM! (http://www.maggianos.com/) We LOVE that place and haven't been in forever. Dan is particularly fond of it as he loves their lasagna and for anyone who has been there - you will know it is like the size of a brick..just huge! He enjoyed every bite! THANK YOU MOLLIE & MATT!!!!
Connor continues to get stronger every day - his neck is getting really strong. Here he is holding his head up while Dan is holding him.

And for friends and family afar - a little video to brighten your day! (Ok this video does not really portray how good he is with holding his head up - but cute none the less)

We'd also like to congratulate our friends John and Sara Kubica who this evening welcomed a baby girl into their family. Madelyn Jeanne Kubica was born at 5:55pm on October 20th. She weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz and 21.5 inches in length. We haven't seen any pictures yet but we're sure she is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to meet her!

Well after a long day Connor and I are just snuggling up on the couch while Dan edits a wedding video watching the Biggest Loser from earlier tonight. The perfect end to the day! Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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