Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who knew?!?

The funny thing about blogs are that you never know how many people are reading it - am I just babbling on and on for my own sake or are there people reading? Well I started to get a taste of just how many people were reading the blog when I hadn't posted anything in about 5 days!

So to my faithful readers - I have two videos for you today...your favorite, I know!
Last night was pretty low key - I've been feeling a bit under the weather. I think (thankfully or I should say hopefully) that I'm just having some symptoms from the flu shot. Been having the chills/yet sweating, aching body/muscles, no appetite, etc. I am feeling a little better today so thats why I'm hopeful its just the flu shot making its way thru my system! The doctor was pretty passionate about the fact that anyone that will be around Connor for any significant amount of time have the flu shot. He wouldn't be eligble to receive the flu shot until 6 months so his only protection is if we're protected.

Dan and I qualify to get the H1N1 vaccicine as one of the high risk categories are people who live/care for infants. With the large shortage they've asked that children and pregnant women come in first with the other high risk categories following after. Is it me or is there reason to be concerned that there has been no time for testing on this vaccine? (or should I say limited time) I'm all for doing anything to protect Connor from that nasty bug - just makes me a little anxious to think we'd be in the first round of humans to receive the vaccination. I'd certainly be interested in hearing anyones opinion on the topic as I still weigh the positives/negatives of the vaccine.

Today was an interesting day - lots of fussiness this morning. Connor got a bath early this afternoon and wouldn't you know before I had a chance to put on a diaper he made a HUGE mess all over the towel. Then I made a not so good attempt at cutting his nails....lets just say there would be no trophies going out for best mom after the afternoon I've had!

Tonight Dan will head north to Sheboygan to meet with a couple who he is video taping and DJ'in their wedding this weekend. I think Sheboygan is a little over an hour from here. His meeting is at 7 so he'll head out right after work. I'm headed back over to Mollie's to hang with her and my good friend Jenny Strachota. Will be nice to get out of the house and see the girls again!

Tomorrow is my check up with the OB where hopefully I'll get the clearance to go back to exercising. Nicole Frkol has so graciously taken the afternoon off to watch Connor while I go to the doctor and allow me some time to run some errands. Much appreciated!!

With that - here's what you've been waiting for:

So there are a lot of things that I can (or cannot) take credit for - this, my friends, I cannot take credit for - now if Connor was say....talking in his sleep...maybe I had something to do with it, but snoring....isn't me! :) Note: This video has bad lighting but is more about the sound than the picture!
Connor was chatting up a storm and then got camera shy as soon as I took out the camera! Oh well - enjoy the little babbles I could get!
About two minutes after this video was taken - this picture was taken - guess the little guy was tired from all that chatting!


  1. Very cute, Julie. It makes me so excited to be an Auntie again and hold a little one! My niece is way to big, even at 1 year and 7 months! Thanks for posting!

  2. Very Cute Julie! And yes I have become very addicted to the whole blogging world, but you never know who's reading! Love all your pics!