Sunday, November 22, 2009

Countdown Begins...

Well it's official...I am on my last week of maternity leave. I have no idea where the time has gone - but my little boy will turn 12 weeks old on Friday, which means his mama must go back to the world of the working. I'm having mixed emotions about my return and am thankful to many friends and family members who are making it possible for us to avoid daycare until after the first of the year.

With that said - my cousin Natalie came to visit over the weekend. We twice tried to go see the movie "The Blindside" with Sandra Bullock/Tim McGraw and it was completely sold out....we thought everyone would be going to see "Twilight/New Moon" no luck having a girls night at the movies. We did enjoy some yummy meals together and just plan hanging out. Today Dan, Connor, Frkol and I went to church and then had some lunch and ran errands. It was a fun fun weekend.

Remembering the many reasons we all give this time of year and throughout. Today I am thankful for the power of pray and how it's helped so many I love. Say a few prays for a close friends Grandma Lorraine - she's recovering from a heart attack this week. She could use a boost and I just know there are so many of you out there reading this that will pray for her speedy recovery and she and her family deserve our prayers this week.
Have a great week everyone - be thankful each and every day.

Super-Smiley Connor:

Natalie and Connor:

Looking for the LARGEST Mickey Mouse I've ever seen....Sam's Club is where its they make everything jumbo size there?!? We had to take a picture......

Guess Grandpa Jim and Connor have something in common....both don't like to ride horses! Right dad? ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome Back....

8.5 hours of straight sleep last! Way to go buddy - that felt great!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a Pizza Party!

On Tuesday night Connor and I made the short trip over to Waukesha for a Tuesday night Pizza Party with some of our favorite people! We also were able to celebrate Jenny's birthday (it was yesterday/Thursday) - so it was great to get together!

Here are some pictures from the night:

Earlier in the day we set up Connor's "Exersaucer" - he's still working on getting his neck control down but seems excited to play with all the animals/toys!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trip to San Diego

Well as my earlier post stated - Connor (and all of us) made it through the flying to San Diego GREAT! When we arrived we grabbed our rental car (not as easy of a process with stroller, luggage, car seat, and newborn!?!) and headed to our hotel to check in. We were determined not to spend our first night in San Diego sitting in a hotel room! So we headed down the street to Pacific Beach! It was sunset - here is a picture of Connor and Dan at the beach for the first time!
We hadn't eaten anything other than sharing a sandwich in Kansas City - so we headed to the Pacific Beach Ale House ( for some dinner. Dan had the yummiest Lobster Mac and Cheese - so good! We both enjoyed one of their micro-brews, Whitewash Wheat...was really good! Turns out Pacific Beach Ale House is the official San Diego home to the "Iowa Hawkeyes". I throw that out there - as my good buddy Eric and several of my family members are huge Hawkeyes fan.....
Hmm...Whitewash Wheat...

After dinner we headed to Belmont Park to this little ice cream shop Dan and I had been to before - YUM! Dan took this picture - if you look closely you can see a little boy climbing a palm tree. I guess they scale palm trees vs. rock walls! :) Then back to the hotel for some much needed sleep! Saturday morning we got up and I met my cousin Erin and her twin boys (Nolan and Jacob) on the boardwalk for a walk and Dan met Mat Larson (a good friend of his) for a skate. Was an absolutely beautiful morning.
Our adorable new cousins - Jacob (left) and Nolan! So beautiful - with two WONDERFUL parents! Love them!
Nolan and Connor...this is the difference in 6 weeks!

Me and Jacob...he felt so light! :)

After our walk, Erin and the boys headed home and Mat, Dan, Connor and I headed to the Expo for the Inline Marathon. Turns out its a running event too - maybe next year I'll run!
We had lunch in Ocean Beach and took a short break at the hotel. We then headed to Old Towne for an early dinner at the Coyote Cafe ( with my family. (My cousins Kristin, Erin, Erin's hubby Mike, their twins, my Aunt Patty and her bf John) Was a fun night of catching up and enjoying some good mexican food and I finally got that margarita I had been craving. (Mango...YUM!)

Me, Kristin, and Connor outside the Coyote Cafe

Connor was looking super cute in his outfit from Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike!

So everyone says when he gets this 'pouty' face he looks like me....should I be offended?!?

Connor got his first bath in a hotel - then off to bed early for an early Sunday morning on race day!
Sunday morning we got up around 4 AM to get ready for the race. Picked up Mat at his hotel and headed to Coronado Island for the start of the race...was a little chilly!


Skating to the start line....
Then Connor and I headed to Imperial Beach to dodge the surfers for a parking spot near the Imperial Beach Pier/Finish Line Festival. Dan did great - finished 2nd in his age category. Mat also placed 3rd in his age category. There were also some other members of Dans race team there. Here are some pictures from the race:

Dan picking up his medal for placing 2nd in his age group! YAH!

Sunday night my Aunt Patty had agreed to babysit the twins and Connor so we could all go out to dinner baby-less. (Pretty brave, huh?) So my cousins, Dan, Mat, and I all headed to the Hillcrest area of San Diego to have dinner at a place called Baja Betty's. ( I seriously had the strongest margarita of my! Connor was being a bit fussy and poor Aunt Patty (and her friend Kathy who was helping) didn't have a moment of silence between the three babies the whole time we were gone! I have no pictures - but I know Aunt Patty took some while we were out so I'll post when I get those from her.
Monday we packed up and then went and spent a little time at the beach before heading to the airport for the journey home!
Oh and did I mention we flew thru Vegas on the way home?!? I had to take Connor's picture with his first slot machine.....

It was a successful trip - relaxing and great to see family! Now the countdown to the end of my maternity leave is on.... :( Hard to believe its almost over........

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pacific Ocean....Check!

Here are two videos of Connor's first steps in the sand and ocean!

Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA
Date: 11/16/2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Little Traveler!

Well it looks like we have a good little traveler on our hands! Connor did great with all of the flights and traveling. No big crying spells on the planes and pretty much slept or made friends with the people around us the whole time. (The kid is quite the charmer!)

First Flight! Southwest Airlines Flight 1065 from Milwaukee to Kansas City (Departed at 8 AM; Arrived at 9:35 AM)

Second Flight: Southwest Airlines Flight 156 from Kansas City to San Diego (Departed at 11:40 AM; Arrived at 1:25 PM)