Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Many of you have had the distinct honor of meeting little Miss Bree. She is the most lovable dog (and pretty darn cute too). She is my parents dog and she sometimes comes to visit us when either they are here or when my parents go on vacation. Well last Wednesday they arrived - as they were heading to Florida for the week. This would be Bree's first visit here with the baby.

It was really interesting throughout my pregnancy - you see, Dan has ALWAYS been one of Bree's favorite people. (I'd say he pretty much takes a close second behind my mom) That dog will drop everything and run to Dan when she sees him. It's really quite welcoming when I walk in the house and she runs right past me and barks at the door hoping Dan will come through it! Well when I was pregnant Bree would not leave my side. She was always wanting to sit right next to me and would even lay her head on my belly. I always thought that she must have been able to hear the babies heart beat because she definitely knew something was going on.
Well let's just say that although she's met Connor before - it was on her own turf and with plenty of other people around. I think it's safe to say she isn't the biggest fan of having to share the attention with ANYONE. In her defense, she has been here on a bad week - lots and lots of crying. So poor Bree has just been burying her little head under pillows on the couch - it's quite cute actually. (but I do feel her pain)

So here are a few pictures of the little, lovable dog! Mom and Dad come home today - I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see them!

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