Sunday, November 22, 2009

Countdown Begins...

Well it's official...I am on my last week of maternity leave. I have no idea where the time has gone - but my little boy will turn 12 weeks old on Friday, which means his mama must go back to the world of the working. I'm having mixed emotions about my return and am thankful to many friends and family members who are making it possible for us to avoid daycare until after the first of the year.

With that said - my cousin Natalie came to visit over the weekend. We twice tried to go see the movie "The Blindside" with Sandra Bullock/Tim McGraw and it was completely sold out....we thought everyone would be going to see "Twilight/New Moon" no luck having a girls night at the movies. We did enjoy some yummy meals together and just plan hanging out. Today Dan, Connor, Frkol and I went to church and then had some lunch and ran errands. It was a fun fun weekend.

Remembering the many reasons we all give this time of year and throughout. Today I am thankful for the power of pray and how it's helped so many I love. Say a few prays for a close friends Grandma Lorraine - she's recovering from a heart attack this week. She could use a boost and I just know there are so many of you out there reading this that will pray for her speedy recovery and she and her family deserve our prayers this week.
Have a great week everyone - be thankful each and every day.

Super-Smiley Connor:

Natalie and Connor:

Looking for the LARGEST Mickey Mouse I've ever seen....Sam's Club is where its they make everything jumbo size there?!? We had to take a picture......

Guess Grandpa Jim and Connor have something in common....both don't like to ride horses! Right dad? ;)

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