Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Weeks Old

Connor is 12 weeks old and a few things we want to remember about this time - this is more for me (and eventually Connor) - just don't want to forget what its like to be 12 weeks!

  • He is so alert and smiling so much. He really likes to smile at his daddy who is always making silly faces and noises at him. Seems like he is trying to figure out how to giggle - we can't wait for that!
  • He gets the hiccups ALL the time. Sometimes they sound like the painful ones Grandma Chris gets!

  • He is "cooing" a lot these days and often has a lot to say. We love listening to him 'talk' to us

  • He is sleeping thru the night (for the most part) last night he slept for over 9 hours; usually we can get at least 6 straight hours

  • He has had his first few bottles of formula to help fill his tummy and seems to handle it really well (Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud we have lots of Good Start on hand!)

  • He is taking well over 5 ounces now in a feeding and GROWING fast

  • He has these super cute little feet - his toes are so tiny except for his big toes which are so CHUBBY!
  • He has his daddy's smile and his little eyes squint just like his dad too!

  • He does not like shoes - he loves to be barefoot

  • He has rolled over once and so far it seems to have been a fluke as he hasn't done it again

  • He LOVES bathtime and everything about the water
  • He is getting really strong and likes to stand on his legs

  • He has good neck control and is liking to sit in his Bumbo seat more and more eat day (see picture below
  • He still has beautiful red hair - though it seems to be getting a little darker in areas. His blue eyes have also started to turn dark - we think he'll have brown eyes like his dad.

  • He has started to notice the toy bar on his car seat and loves the lights and sounds his little frog makes. He has actually starting to reach out to hit them.

  • We have his Exersaucer out and while he isn't quite tall enough yet - he loves looking at all the different toys on it.

  • He does really well with strangers - just likes to take in all the sights and LOVES smiling at new people he meets

  • He has already been on 4 flights since being born - we LOVE that he is such a good little traveler

  • He likes to sleep in the car and as his dad says "Hit all the bumps - he really likes them"

  • He is officially too big for all of his newborn and 0 to 3 month clothes - we have so many clothes he didn't even wear all of them when I was packing them away

  • He has a TON of clothes thanks to his good friend Nate Rose (and his parents) who just gave us all of his 3 to 6 month in size....so no need for clothes at Xmas!

  • He is sleeping in his crib without the infant crib surrounding him and doing just fine

  • He loves being swaddled

  • He is in size 1 diapers but I think will be moving to size 2 diapers shortly

  • He isn't as interested in books as his mom would like...but we keep trying!

  • He loves music of all kinds - we listen to lots of music in our house and in the car

  • He loves the lights on the Christmas tree and when all else fails...just walk over to the Christmas tree with him in your arms and sway

  • He loves to be held as long as you keep moving - he isn't a fan of sitting still (could that be because he has two parents that are always on the go?!?)

  • He is loved so much by so many people but especially his mom and dad!

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