Friday, December 4, 2009

It's All About the Wardrobe

To say our life is filled with very generous people might be the understatement of the century.
You see last December Dan and I moved for our wonderful, quaint, cozy (aka small) apartment in downtown Milwaukee to the 'burbs. I LOVED that apartment but alas it was just too small and we couldn't bare to survive one more winter with street parking. The intention was that we'd get out to a complex where we'd have more space, save a little money and be closer to work - getting us a few steps closer to our first house. So for those who have never been - our apartment has two bedrooms and this little den off the master. It was perfect...we had a spare bedroom for friends/family to stay when they came and the den was used to house "Video to Go" and all of the equipment that goes with owning a DJ entertainment and professional videography company. When our little guy blessed us by entering the world we again started to shift. Connor is in the 'den' which is about 10 x 10 with no windows or closet. Right now it works really well - but as the pictures below will show...we're running out of room already! I'm a person who does not enjoy clutter and have to say the pictures Dan took make me even cringe a bit.....too much stuff...not much space...looks very disshelved.

So with that - here is my plea - dear friends and family that love my baby Connor so much.....please do your best to restrain yourself when you see all those oh so cute clothes in minature size. :) We honestly have more clothes than he'll probably even wear before he is into the next size. We LOVE LOVE LOVE your generosity and are thankful more than words can describe....we're just plain out of room (and out of days in a year for him to wear all of these!). Oh and I should note that this is not all of his clothes - the newborn and 0 to 3 month clothes are put away and the larger size clothes are also stored in Dan and my closet.
This picture makes me cringe......

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