Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 months/5 months

Here was a video we took on our way to church while Tracy, Grace, Connor and I were in Peru in early January. Both are awesome little church-goers. Connor normally sleeps thru church but this week he was wide awake and sat contently taking it all in.

Anyways - you all may find this video boring but I just wanted to document what the two of them looked like and did at 4 months and 5 months age.


I should also note that Dan was in Peru with us for this visit but had just had his wisdom teeth pulled so he wasn't with us at church. He was a real trooper through it all and I'm happy to say *knock on wood* he has had no complications. He's gonna kill me for posting this photo but I did document him right after the surgery - his poor puffy cheeks! When I remind him that I have video of him trying to tell me he wants me to buy him "Fiesty Grape" Gatorade - he'll appreciate that all I've done is post this one photo - ha! Believe me - I'm not insensitive but it was REALLY funny. :)

No more wisdom teeth for the Dano!

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