Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bath Time with Mimi!

During our 24 hour whirlwind trip to Menomonie to hang out with the Bean's after Christmas - we were lucky enough to meet Dan's Cousin Andy's beautiful little girl Mimi! She was born in April and if you can believe it this was the first time we were meeting her!
We had a wonderful stay (our sledding video is proof of just a few of the good times!) and Mimi and Connor were lucky enough to have baths by their Grandma's in Aunt Cheryl's big kitchen sink! Connor didn't quite know what to think of Mimi - she was splashing around, standing, grabbing at the faucet and he wasn't really sure what was going on! :) Some day he'll be right in there with her - they are sure to have some good times and great memories to come together!
Mimi's grandma is Dan's Aunt Cheryl and she is Diane's (Dan's mom) sister. Cheryl and Diane were pregnant together with Andy and Dan and I imagine it's sort of surreal now to have these two grand-babies so close in age!

Here are a few pictures - ENJOY!
"Where are you taking me" - Connor
"Hey Connor, don't worry about your Bumbo - want to get a bath?" - Mimi

"Whatcha doing Grandma" - Connor
"Standing is my new thing - please don't lay me down Grandma" - Mimi
"What is Mimi doing? Why does she keep standing? Why can't I do that?" - Connor
"Woo-hoo - I love baths at my Grandma's - if I could only figure out how to turn this faucet on?!?" - Mimi
"Connor - do you see the shampoo on the window sill - we could make a real mess here if I could just grab it" - Mimi
"Don't worry - we're so cute; they won't care if we splash around a little bit" - Mimi
In deep thought......
"Hey - what's going on over there Cuz Con" - Mimi
"I'm just hanging out in Aunt Cheryl's sink - getting myself a bath" - Connor
"It's over already?!?" - Connor
"Now what Connor? Let's play!" - Mimi

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