Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Sledding at the Beans...

Julie has alot of blogging to catch up on, we had a very busy holiday schedule between Christmas in both Menomonee and Peru, my birthday, & New Years.

On December 30th we were lucky to have a great time with my Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Mike and all my cousin's Sarah, Amy, Andy and Heidi. All the little ones were present... So Connor was able to meet Mimi for the first time. Cuz Con was in full effect! Here's a sneak peak at our sledding fun behind my Aunt and Uncle's house.

Happy New Year Everyone! - Dano

Here are a few photos from our super fun afternoon.

Quite a sledding troop

I ripped my Uncle Mike's rain slickers... Sorry Mike. I owe some new overalls.

Julie after I drove the sled into the snow.
I was in front, which Julie thought would be a good idea.

Andy in the rain slickers and Sophie. He caught a Marlin!

I can't wait til we all get together again soon!

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