Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Put it on the board......YEAH!

Well for those that are not aware my dad is a lifelong Chicago White Sox Fan (If you didn't know you must be hiding under a rock or you just don't know my dad) :)

He's a die-hard and has fantastic memories of going to Comiskey Park with my Grandpa Coughlin growing up and even great memories of taking his own kids to White Sox games. We were blessed as children to have parents that really truly wanted us exposed to everything. I hope if there is one thing I can do for Connor it will be to expose him to EVERYTHING I can. We were little kids and going to the theater in Chicago, fancy restaurants, museums, sporting events, traveling, etc. So I've come to appreciate those time where they packed us in the van and we drove the hour and 30 minutes to the South Side to catch a game with the guys in Black and White.

Baseball is a passion of my dads - the guy is a work-aholic so when he gets an outlet that he truly enjoys and has him stop to think about something other than work - it's a success. For Christmas this year we all chipped in and got him a weekend in Chicago to attend Soxfest 2010. It's a weekend full of events, seminars, autographs, etc. where you can mingle with the players and coaches. I had the distinct honor to attend the event with my dad this last weekend; held at the Palmer House Hilton in Downtown Chicago. What a special few days for us!

Here are a few pictures from our special few days:

Might be hard to see but this is a picture of my dad asking AJ Pierzynski (the catcher) a question at one of the panels.

AJ responding to Dad - the whole room was laughing (any surprise?!?)

The voices of the Chicago White Sox: Steve Stone (L) and Ken Harrelson (aka The Hawk)

This was at a panel with the coaches - I think we laughed for 3/4 of the time. The 3rd base coach Jeff Cox (one right) - pictured here with another member of the coaching staff Mark Salas

Harold Baines (L) and Greg Walker (batting coach) on the panel. It was at this time that I discovered that Greg Walker was the one who walked by Connor and I and by the looks everyone around us were giving him I knew he was someone 'important' but had no clue who he was - opps! :)

Juan Pierre (L) who is just joining the Sox from the Dodgers - commentator and former player Darrin Jackson (C) - Gordon Beckham (R) who will play 2nd base this year for the Sox at the young age of 23. This was an awesome session - three definite class acts. (And not to hard on the eyes either - ha!)

One really happy Grandpa Jim!

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