Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

Well it was a year ago (two days ago) that I found out I was pregnant! What a year it has been?!?

In case you never heard the story - I had been sick, with a cold for the several days leading up to 1/20/09. I was running a fever, sore throat, coughing up a storm. I had been to Minneapolis the weekend prior for Jill Bean's baby shower and by that Sunday I was laying on my sisters couch feeling pretty miserable. I remember my brother in law saying "are you sure you aren't pregnant" and laughing (as Tracy had just announced she was pregnant). It was all a good joke - we laughed and I insisted that no I was not pregnant.

I had taken off 3 sicks days from work those next few days (pretty unusual for me) and by day 3 after a friend had been diagnosed with strep throat I thought I better go and get checked out. My Doctor is amazing, she is the most wonderful, caring woman but because of that...she's virtually impossible to get into unless it's an emergency or you have to wait a few weeks for an appointment. So...Dr. Ness was booked up so I decided to see a walk in doctor at her same clinic that day.

I went in, meet with a doctor with a very heavy Indian dialect (which I only mention because she was really hard to understand) and she had a variety of testing done for my various symptoms. The doctor comes back in and very calmly and matter of factly sits down and says "Well Julie, you don't have strep but you are pregnant" Those who know me best know when I have extreme nerves I do one of two things 1 - I throw up or 2 - I start laughing. So I started laughing - I think the doctor was a bit taken back by that. So I said to her "what now?" and she says (oh so calmly) "well if your sore throat persists and is still here next week come back in." So I (not so calmly) say "yeah, I'm not really worried about the sore throat anymore!" I can remember this day like it was yesterday and saying to my mom "She didn't even give me a brochure" - wouldn't you think when they tell you that you are pregnant there is something they could give you that says what the heck you're supposed to do now - Ha! I can laugh now - at the moment not so much.

The day will forever be ingrained in my head and the date will never be forgotten as it was the same day Barack Obama was swore into office as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Now that my friends - is a moment in history I will not soon forget.....

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  1. March 4th is my anniversary date. I was surprised by the lack of instruction as well. I was consulting with a new doctor when I found out so she just said to make an appointment with my OBGYN, so I called them and they scheduled an appointment for A MONTH LATER and didn't say congratulations or anything. There should be an orientation to pregnancy class they schedule you for or something...