Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's Finally Eating Cereal

Well on February 15th, 2010 Connor received his first taste of 'real food' - he enjoyed a yummy bowl of rice cereal! Let's just say there was a little big of a learning for both Connor and his parents.
Video camera and digital camera....I must be about to get something good

Hey this rice stuff isn't so bad
Can I hold the spoon?

All gone......
What do you mean I can't lick the bowl?!?
Many of you may have seen this video already and it is kind of long - but for those who have not...ENJOY! :)

Lastly, I'm happy to report that baby Owen made it through surgery this afternoon and it was deemed a success. His road to recovery will not be a quick one - continue to keep him and his family in your prayers as they heal. Many thanks to all who prayed with us today.

My One Request

Dan and I have become friends with Phil and Andrea. You may recognize the name as they photographed our wedding and have graced us with their talent again by photographing both Connor and Grace. You may recall from an earlier post that Andrea was pregnant with their first child. Dan and I have had the distinct honor to get to know the two of them and feel blessed to have met them.

Today they gave birth to Owen Matthew at Loyola Medical Center in Chicago, IL. He weighed in at a healthy 7lbs. 9 oz. Tomorrow strong little Owen will have surgery at Children's Memorial in Chicago.

My request to each of you who so enjoy this blog on a daily basis to stop for a minute after reading this and pray for this brave, strong, young soul and his absolutely courageous and admirable parents. I believe in the power of prayer and just know all of you can help provide strength to this little man tomorrow.

As we welcome this new life into the world I cannot go on without remembering the two lives lost this week to families I love and care so deeply for - so for the souls of Franklin Hammer (son of Imogene, brother of Jane, father of Beth, uncle to Sara and Melissa) and Charles Keigwin (son of Natalie, Grandfather to Derek, Rhonda, and John).

May we be reminded of the grace of God everyday.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Not sure

Ok - not sure why but my blogs aren't posting right. So to be sure you haven't missed one scroll down. For whatever reason that 'pose down' blog entry keeps showing up first.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Day!

Well we're a family on the go (or as some say on the run) and the weekend of Valentines Day was no exception. Saturday we headed to Chicago - Dan and Connor hit the Shedd Aquarium while I went with my friend Becky for a dress fitting for her wedding and to try on bridesmaid dresses.

Dan and Connor had a great time at the Shedd Aquarium. We had packed the umbrella stroller thinking it would be easier than our regular one and turn out we were right in that thinking but failed to realize that if people are standing in front of the stroller Connor could see nothing. There were apparently a bazillion people at the Aquarium that day so Dan spent the majority of the day trying to push the stroller, hold the diaper bag and hold Connor all at once. Needless to say they were both worn out by 3 PM when they picked me up!

After that we headed to Peru for a charity function our friends TJ and Hillary were co-chairs of. The event was for the Youth Services Bureau ( and turned out to be a great night with great friends. Connor attended the event also and was perfectly content being passed lap to lap. I've been slacking on my photog skills so I promise I'll start to get better about taking more pictures.

Then on Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Naperville, IL. My college roomate and one of my very best friends, Jenny Harz, lives in NYC and was in town for Presidents Day visiting her family. The Harz's were so kind to host us for Valentines Day - we had a wonderful meal and watched the Illini game and the Olympics. We won't discuss the Illini game - but overall it was a great day!

Then it was to Milwaukee we went - I swear this was a weekend where every time Connor woke up he was in a different location! But hey, is there any better sign of love than to spend the weekend all over with all sorts of different people who love you? It was a long and tiring weekend but worth it and I don't think any of us would change a thing about it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Sun-Shiney Day!

I have this habit of finding things for Grace in just about every place I go! I found these sunglasses and just knew she had to have them! She went to visit her Uncle Al and cousins in Florida this week and hopefully can put them to good use! :)


You see if you haven't met Scott Leffler (my brother in law) he should I say this....quite the ham! :) He is famous for when you want to get a picture he likes to 'strike a pose' also referred to as a 'pose-down' - ha!

Here he was teaching Connor all about the 'pose-down' - January 29, 2010:

The next morning he wasn't quite sure Connor had figured out the 'pose-down' so they practiced a little more, this time Baby Bjorn style......

Cousins Cousins

These pictures were taken at the end of January - so just shy of their 5 month/6 month birthdays.

Kisses for Connor!

I think Grace is going to be one of those talkers who uses her hands/arms when she gets excited. :)

Connor is thinking - ok, I'm done...get me out of here and Grace is say hey cuz-Con where are you going I just got started telling my story?

They do pretty good at sharing. Not much size difference anymore is there?!?

Sweet Kicks

Grandma Paulsrud picked me up these sweet kicks! Now that I've got my walking shoes on...where should I go?!?

Note: It was really funny when we put these on him - we went to church and you would have thought we tied cement blocks to his feet. He was getting so frustrated because I guess they are pretty heavy and he was having a hard time kicking his legs around :)


I've been a bad little blogger! Here are some pictures of my girl Grace the week of her 6 month birthday! (2/7/10) You're half-way to 1 Grace and are starting to look like such a big girl!


I eat cereal like a big girl!

Look at me sitting on the couch all on my own!

Ok Aunt Julie - I'm done taking pictures!