Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Months Old

OK so I did this post last Thursday and apparently never hit 'publish' opps! Connor turned 5 months old last Thursday. Enjoy a week late :

Today Connor James is 5 months old!
Here are some things I don't want to forget about this age:

  • You are STILL sleeping through the night

  • You are no longer being swaddled to sleep

  • You sleep with your hands spread wide across the crib/above your head

  • You are the champion of filling your diapers - even the daycare owner is baffled by how many diapers you go thru! :)

  • You are showing signs of independence by wanting to hold your own bottle everytime you are being fed with one

  • You've officially traveled not only in cars but airplanes and trains

  • You are a total charmer and continue to have a super calm demeanor

  • Everyone who meets you comments on your RED hair

  • You've experienced your first (of many) shopping excursions with Grandma Chris to Macy's

  • You've virtually out-grown your infant car seat (thank goodness we figured out one final way to make it bigger)

  • You love to snuggle up with anyone that will have you

  • You love to sit with your mom like this: (excuse my bed head!)

  • You are a talker - you babble babble babble

  • You have discovered your tongue - it's so funny to watch you stick your tongue in and out of your mouth (I can just imagine in your head you are going "Woah - what is this....")

  • You love to giggle. Mandie the daycare owner says you are especially giggly for her right after you've had your diaper changed. At home you giggle for your Dad all the time....

  • You are starting rice cereal next week! (Wanted to do it on your 5 month birthday but Dad is in Daytona for work and we want to be sure he doesn't miss it)

  • You still LOVE your playmat. You typically have an aversion (or maybe secret love) for the parrot as you are still constantly trying to hit that darn parrot. The monkey is your friend and you pretty much just hold on tight to the monkeys leg. (Usually hold the monkey in your right hand and swat the parrot with your left) You've finally discovered the elephant and just this week seem interested by it and are frustrated its just slightly out of your reach

  • You still love your bathtime (here at Grandma Diane's house!). You start swim lessons on March 3rd - we hope you love the water just like your mom and dad! (Notice the tongue)

  • You still haven't officially rolled over - but all in due time. You're on your own schedule and we love that. (Don't let that peer pressure start from an early age, right?)

  • You have started to scoot along the floor on your back. You have some super strong leg muscle that push you along. I think this means you'll be moving more shortly

  • You love receiving kisses.....

  • Still have a small bald spot on the back of your head (From laying on your back all the time and said 'scooting')

  • Any clothes with feet in them have to be size 9 months. I just packed away all of the 3 month clothes and a good majority of the 3 to 6 month clothes. Aside from a few select items you are pretty much wearing all 6 month clothes (without feet) and 9 month (with feet).

  • You are really starting to grab at things - sometimes you aren't sure what to do with them once you get them. Mostly it goes like this - Connor picks up toy, tries to chew on it, throws it on the floor, starts to fuss, Mom or Dad pick it up and hand it back to you and the cycle starts all over

  • You got this great toy with a steering wheel from Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud at Christmas and you love it. When you hit the horn it talks to you and lights up - I think you've figured that out as you just hit hit hit the horn.

  • You have the most beauitful long eye lashes and your eyes are starting to turn dark - looks like you will have brown eyes!

  • You do great at restaurants - you usually are perfectly content just looking around but when dinner starts to run long - you have no issue just napping right through!

You are a happy, healthy 5 month old!


  1. oh my goodness this is a really cute one!!
    Grandma Paulsrud
    Julie and Dan can you take some pictures of him with his winter hat on from Ferkol and send em to snapfish so I can print em?
    Grandma Paulsrud

  2. I love that last picture!