Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playdate with Grace at the Rose's

On Wednesday February 3rd we headed over to the Rose's house for a little Stir Fry and Play Date! :) Tracy and Grace were in town and boy did Grace have a great time playing!!

It was a great night with great food and great friends!

Abby was making Valentines for everyone with Mollie!

Tracy and Grace with their Valentine from Abby!

Nate is officially on the move.

Everyone was having fun playing with Grace...the newbie of the group!

Nate was holding Grace's hand - it was so cute!

Going in for a hug!

I seriously have so many pictures of Nate - his eyes melt my heart...I just can't help myself!

Best Buds - was really cute - Connor was in Nates walker and he went over and held on to the back of it like he wanted to help push - ha! Connor was really happy - though the look on his face makes that hard to tell! :)

Mollie has the patience of a saint.....

Gosh - I took way more pictures of other people's kids than my own! Connor was probably thrilled to have a night off from the paparazzi.

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