Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Have I ever mentioned how wonderfully blessed we have been to have such wonderful friends?  If not - I should be writing about them all day long and all they do for us. 

We've been fortunate to be able to surround ourselves with such giving, thoughtful, supportive and truly inspirational people.  Sometimes between schedules, work trips, personal trips, geography and just plain the Paulsruds ALWAYS being out of town we don't always get to see everyone as much as we would like.  Last Friday we were in town and determined to take advantage of it and spent the evening with a few of our best friends in Milwaukee.

So Friday after work - we hit one of our old stomping grounds Leff's Luckytown in Wauwatosa.  ( We used to play in a kickball league on Friday's that was sponsored by Leff's and spent many a Friday evenings in Leff's.  When I moved to Milwaukee I LOVED this bar - it reminded me of home.  Always jam packed with people - great tunes playing for the juke box - old bar - tiny bathrooms - cold beer - great fried food and definitely nothing fancy.  (In fact one of it's claims to fame is the "Largest Urinal in Town" - I mean it doesn't get any classier than that does it?) Friday nights were filled with celebrating the games "MVP", reminiscing about a usual team loss, telling stories, singing loudly with the juke box, drinking our fair share of Leff's pitchers and definitely laughing...lots and lots of laughing. 

So many great memories.  I guess it's only fitting that last year when I was prego - Leff's and I both went thru some changes.  Much to my delight they added an addition to the bar. 

Most would be concerned it would lose it's charm or charcter.  While it's I am.  Instead of looking for happy hour specials on Friday afternoon - Mollie, Jenny and I were trying to decide where we could go that was smoke free and Connor could come - ha!  (Maybe I should make particular note to one part of this...finding a place that is smoke-free.  Wisconsin is NOT a smoke free state right now.  My guess is that smoking in restaurants and bars will be completely obsolete for as long as Connor will be able to remember....)

My how your life can change so much in such a short time! :)  So off we went to our old stomping grounds - sitting in the 'new' part of the bar.  Enjoying those same Leff's pitchers...that same fried food and although different....delightful just the same.

Though not all of us got to enjoy the fried food.....

It was a great night filled with lots of laughter, stories, talks about work, childbirth, relationships, vacations, family and gossip.....oh there is always gossip.  And well - we didn't celebrate an MVP but if you had known the traditions of celebrating MVP - we are probably all little better off ;)

To ALL of my friends - not just those with us last Friday from NY to GA to NJ to IL to WI to MN to CA to AZ and everywhere in between thanks for being a part of our lives you enrich it in more ways than you know. it Friday yet? Maybe not...but it IS 5 O'Clock somewhere....

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