Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

On Saturday morning Dan was up at the crack of dawn to head north to the International Inline Complex that is trying to re-open in northern WI. (near Couderay, WI for those from up in that neck of the woods!) Dan drove to Eau Claire and then hitched a ride the rest of the way with his good friend Mat Larson and his son Matthew. They did a variety of things on the property from painting to clearing sidewalks to removing bolts from old fencing. Was a busy few days for them but sounds like lots of fun was had - oh and did I mention they got to get on the track for a few laps ;)
A few shots of Mat and Dan on the track

Wasn't much up there for Connor and I to do and I can honestly say that have 7 weeks of not being home for a full weekend it was kind of nice to just be home. So Frkol came over and brought us breakfast and then we headed to the Milwaukee Zoo! We got a "Zoo Pass" from my parents for Christmas which included parking (yah! thanks Mom and Dad). This was our first trip and tons of fun - it was a beauitful day (a bit windy but sunny). It was also Girl Scout Day at the Milwaukee Zoo - they had stations set up around the zoo for them to complete different tasks to earn patches. So you might a imagine us + a zillion little girls running around. Quite entertaining.
We met up with my friend Mollie - her nephew Tyler was in town and her sister Amanda. Connor and Amanda had matching hair!
Mollie and Tyler in their 'vests'
Connor rocking his cool shades!
Such cute giraffes! :)
Hanging with Aunt Nicole and a few elephants

Then we hit the train for a ride around the zoo!
And then it was time to say good-bye
And off to the next adventure we go.....

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