Monday, April 19, 2010

Look Ma - One Hand....

Friday night was full of excitement for us! Connor chowed down on some Butternut Squash and we hit up a Mexican Restaurant here in town for a late dinner ending the night singing some songs with Grace on skype! :)

After Connor had some squash we pulled out his wagon to work on those leg muscles. He does pretty darn good!

Does Dan look shocked here or what?!? :)

Mom - stop taking my picture I must concentrate.

Standing on his own. Again - the shock in Dan's face is priceless.....

I'm not so sure about this.......

Oh sure - I'll stop for just one more pose....

Ok here is a short video. A few things I'd like to caveat before you watch it - 1: I apparently cannot seem to remember that when taking video I can't just rotate the digital camera like when I'm taking pictures...doh! So sorry if you are 'that' interested in seeing the video you'll have to either a - turn your computer (only recommended for laptops) or just turn your head (sorry I am unwilling to pay for any therapy or chiropractor appointments that may be necessary due to the strain put on your neck watching this video so do so at your own risk :) ) 2: Connor is getting brave....tries to do the one-handed stand, I welcome and embrace his ambition 3: I should note that at this end of this it looks like Connor smokes his head on the wagon but he DOES NOT. Just saying...I don't want any hate mail about it or emails of concern or how we should put a bumper on it (though that's not a bad idea)...but indeed he DOES NOT...I repeat...DOES NOT hit himself.
Dan headed up north on Saturday to work on an old inline track that is trying to re-open and Connor and I had a busy busy and fun weekend so stay tuned - I actually have more to blog about this week.
ENJOY! Happy Monday!


  1. Way to go buddy!
    Gramma Paulsrud