Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Photogenic

So I remember someone once telling me - don't go overboard with your first child - otherwise when you have a second you'll have to try to live up to it!  Well if there is one thing we've done well (and some might say overboard) it's documenting Connor's life in photos.  Our friends Phil and Andrea are documenting Connor's first year - so here is Connor at his 7 month shoot with Phil and Andrea!

They are patient
They are kind
They are definitely talented

I'd like to say these are a few of my favorites - but really there are so many great ones I don't even want to put that title on these.  So let's just say here are a few they took! 

The famous "Connor" hat

People always ask "Is he always this happy" and really I can truly say - most of the time he is

Sitting up so good - like a big boy!

Tootsies for Aunt Cheryl

And this may seem wrong - but I LOVE this photo.  Somehow I feel like it captures an emotion - I think it's great!

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