Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day of Grace

My niece Grace is ALMOST 10 Months Old!

A few things we want to remember about Grace right now:

• She is Ms. Independent

• She is not a big snuggler; never has been and I have to say I always have an appreciation for a girl on a mission – when she is being held she doesn’t want to snuggle but use you to see what is going on from your vantage point

• She LOVES Bree, her G & G Coughlin’s dog – she literally shrieks when she sees her

• She has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen

• She has brown hair – it’s slowly starting to fill in

• She has 3 number of teeth (two on the bottom; one on the top)

• She is wearing a Size 3 Diaper and 6 to 9 Month Clothes

• She weighs 18 lbs 6 oz; is 29” long (yes her height puts her in the 90%)

• She is has super long legs – it’s funny her body type already reminds me of Tracy; normal torso length with long long legs

• She has super strong legs and when she wants to stand will hold them strong

• She had an early allergy to milk but seems to have grown out of it

• She had an allergic reaction to Oatmeal – no oats for this girl! She seems to have grown out of this too!

• She has just had her very first taste of formula

• She has started clapping (see video) – LOVE IT!

• She is great at grabbing things and they pretty much go right to her mouth!

• She is a sleeper! She has been sleeping through the night for a long time now and I swear if you let her and/or she didn’t get hungry the girl would sleep until 10 AM

• She has started to become a little mobile – while not full out crawling yet she will move herself in a complete circle and has started ‘rocking’ – watch out Leffler’s I think she’ll be on the move shortly!
• She has a most wonderful laugh – how can you not smile when you hear this little girl giggle

• She goes to story time every Tuesday and has for a while now. She is so good and loves being with all the other kiddos

• She has two cousins that were born on the same day – exactly 4 weeks (to the day) after her, how lucky is she? (Connor and Grace’s other cousin Courtney were both born 9/4)

• She isn’t really into her Johnny Jumper – she'd rather sit on the floor next to it and twirl it from the outside

• She’s a good eater – she’s fortunate enough to also be given the blessing of homemade baby food – nothing but the best for our Gracie!

• One word: pebbles (this one is for her mom and she’ll know what this means – ha!)

• Music and Dance – she has rhythm and sing a song or turn on some music and the girl will seriously ‘dance it out’ – I've got a great video but I'm having trouble with it - will post later for all to see :)

• If they had frequent flyer cards for infant/lap babies Grace would be accumulating them up! She has been on a ton of flights already and does really well, even when just flying alone with her mom.

• She is a total charmer – when riding the Amtrak from Minnesota to Milwaukee she charmed her way through several cars on that train

• She is still riding in your infant car seat but will be moving to the next size up shortly!

• She is tolerating tummy time much better now and has great arm strength

• Grace loves kicking her legs up and down in her crib

• Gracie is ticklish…under her arms and on her sides – her Daddy knows just the right spots to get her!
• She has already been to the beaches of Florida to visit some of her other cousins

• She has the distinct honor and privilege to be at home with her mom each and every day. It is a gift that she has been given and I hope that one day both she (and her mom) will look back on this time and realize how unique it is (in this day and age) and treasure these days and memories.

• She has a very hard-working Dad and multi-tasker extraordinaire as a Mom

• She has the best aunt in the world (hey – how could I resist?)

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