Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Toast to me!

Wednesday May 19th served as my 7 year anniversary of working at GMR Marketing. What a wild ride the last 7 years have been!

I’m fairly certain that the start of my professional career was traumatic for those that surrounded me – you see on May 18, 2003 I proudly crossed the stages of the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and while that day was a proud one it also meant the closing of a chapter. I had accepted a job to start at GMR Marketing and my employment was contingent upon my being able to start on May 19th (as I was being hired to work on a specific/time sensitive program). So as my roommates (and others) can attest – I was in complete denial that college was ending and that was moving to a strange city where I knew no one and where I hadn’t even found an apartment to live. So the morning was spent in a cap and gown, pictures with great friends and family and brunch at Kennedy’s at Stone Creek…the afternoon was spent packing up 4 years of memories and lots and lots of tears. I recall sitting in good ole Blues Apartment crying as my mom and sister literally started packing my belongings in garbage bags (as clearly I had not prepared for this moment). I said good-bye and began the 4.5 hour journey to Milwaukee. We stopped in Peru to drop my dad and sister and picked up my best friend Nicole Frkol and she, my mom and I continued on. We stopped in Beloit, WI (about 1 hour from GMR) where we would spend the night in a hotel. On Monday May 19, 2003 we were up early and drove the last hour and I started a career.

Flash forward 7 years and I’ve now held 4 different positions and had an endless number of amazing experiences. They recently posted on our company website a short video that gives you a better insight to what we do at GMR:  and then click the “GMR Reel – GMR Philosophy” in the top right hand corner.

Here are a few of the amazing experiences I’ve had in my 7 year career here:

• Taken my mom with me to Hawaii to work a one day event

• Taken a Tour of the ESPN Corporate Headquarters including sitting at the desk of Sports Center

• Worked the Aiken, SC Lobster Races (yes you read that right…lobster races)

• Created “Human Energy” at Super Box XLII in Phoenix

• Had lunch on a glacier outside of Vancouver

• Been to a Yankees game, countless NASCAR races, Monday Night Football games, golf tournaments and more

• Coordinated private concert with James Blunt at the Beverly Hills Hilton

• Raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims in Boston

• Given away free cups of coffee to commuters in San Diego

• Been to 5+ amazing automotive events held in the mountains in CA, VA and WI

• Stayed at the St. Regis in New York City

• Police Concert at Madison Square Garden

• Visited the kitchen table at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Craft

• Hosted cooking demos in countless home improvement and appliance stores

• Driven both a 15ft and 24 ft box truck

• Taken both medical and road tests to get a Federal DOT card to drive said trucks

• Run meet and greets for Reba McEntire

• Worked on recipes and marketing for prototype kitchen appliances

• Hosted and watched sweepstakes winners experience a trip of a lifetime

• Met my husband

• Made wonderfully amazing friends

• Worked with some of the greatest people I’ll ever know

I'm excited to see what next fun adventure awaits me.....

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  1. Sounds like you've had some great experiences! Congrats on 7 years!