Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I'm a little behind on my blogging - but did want to quickly capture some memories from July 4th. It was a busy weekend and I don't have many pictures to show from it!

Dan had a wedding in Illinois Valley he was doing the video and DJ'ing for on Friday so he and Connor drove down to my parents on Thursday night. I'll spare you the details from the trip but let's just say they had a less than successful father/son driving outing just the two of them. It included lots of crying, throw up, tow trucks and a pick up of Connor by his Grandma from a truck stop. I'm guessing Dan would prefer to forget the trip than document it!

I made the drive down Friday after work and Connor had spent the morning with our friend Jenna Happ and the afternoon with his Grandma. It was a low key night given how upset he had been the night before. Saturday morning Scott/Tracy/Grace arrived - they had driven thru the night on Friday night and it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to! Dan's friend James (who videotapes with him) had car trouble on the way down (hence the tow truck in the above story) and after it was determined there was nothing that could be done with James' car he drove him to Madison where another friend of his picked him up and brought him the rest of the way home to Eau Claire. So kind of a bummer Dan spent the day pretty much in the car - he got back around 5/6ish and we had gone to meet friends at Lake Depue for a picnic, boating, tubing, skiing, etc. So Dan got one boat ride in at least!

In Peru they have the fireworks every year on July 3rd so after returning from the lake we headed to our friends the Zukowski's. They shoot the fireworks over the Illinois River and the Zuk's have a great view from their house.

Oh and Walt always has a few of his own!

Ok get ready - here are the ONLY pictures I have from the weekend - so don't blink....

My boys enjoying the fireworks!

Amy and Lucas

Andy and Blake - they had been the Captian and Co-Captain on the boat earlier!

Kristin and Brayden

Grace and her Grandma taking in the Fireworks!

Oh and did I mention you can always count on so type of glow stick, necklace, bracelet or in Tracy's case..headband...at the Zukowski's!

Or in Kristin's case...a necklace AND a earrings....

Then on the actual 4th of July we had a family reunion for my Dad's family near his hometown of Kinsman, IL. It was at a city park in O'Dell, IL - they had a city pool there and it was real hot that day so we took Connor/Grace over to the pool for a little while to cool off. Otherwise just enjoyed the company of family we don't get to see nearly as often as we should! Oh and I didn't take a single photo?!? How is that possible?

Was a jam-packed weekend (as usual for the Paulsruds) and we were all exhausted by the time we got home on Monday afternoon.

Oh and did I mention on July 4th Connor celebrated his 10 month birthday! He celebrated by having Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast...lucky guy, right? :)

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