Friday, July 23, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine

Well what a night it was last night! July 22,2010 broke records for rainfall in Milwaukee. According to our newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "The rain fell so fast and furious - more than 7 inches in a couple of hours - it unofficially broke a one-day Milwaukee rainfall record set during a flash flood in 1986."

So our night included two tornado warnings, multiple trips to the garage/basement to ensure we were flooding, flashlights pulled from closets, lost power and lots of watching the news/radar. We'd get a loud boom of lighting and Connor would sort of look at us like - should I be scared? We'd laugh or smile and he'd go about his business. Funny how you are forced to sort of make light of situations that would even normally make you a bit uncomfortable.

I pulled some pictures from the Journal Sentinel (our newspaper) so you can see the type of damage we're talking about here - just INSANE!

I'm guessing this is why we had tornado warnings

This is a large sinkhole at the corner of North Avenue and Oakland - not far from our old apartment. I've taken many of you to my all time favorite pizza place in Milwaukee, the Pizza Man and this is right outside their front door. (Well would have been there front door had it not burned last year but thats a whole different story!) The driver (thankfully) walked away from this with just minor injuries.

Parts of the freeway were completely shut down yesterday where flooding occured. Cars sat for HOURS as officials tried to find ways to re-direct traffic. It's moments like these I'm thankful for a short commute

This is the baggage claim pick up area of Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport. Runways were flooded as well - right now the airport is still closed. It is slated to re-open around 12 PM but we're also expected a 2nd round of storms.

Some of you might remember last June our basement/underground parking flooded in our apartment building. Both Dan and my cars were totalled as well as a lot of our personal items that were stored in the basement storage unit. It was a pretty devastated experience - especially when we hadn't anticipated buying two new cars just 2.5 months before our first child arrived. We are extremely thankful to the owners of our complex and the City of New Berlin which completed an almost $500k project outside of our building to form a retention pond and develop a path for water in the event of heavy rainfall. There is no doubt in my mind that without this - our night last night would have been much different.
Prayers go out to my friends and many co-workers dealing with the ramifications of the storm. Let's all hope todays storm is not as bad as they are expecting.


  1. Yikes, where is this last picture taken?

  2. Since it was anonymous - not sure if the above is from someone in MIlwaukee or not.

    If you are from Milwaukee - it is Oakland/Edgewood across the street from Otto's.

    If you are not from Milwaukee - it is on the East Side of downtown just a few blocks for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus.

  3. Craziness Jules!!! Luckily we seemed to be just ahead of the storm driving up to Elkhart Lake Thursday. Oh and we also do the, "oh thunder, that's fun" type of deal with Luke too! Trying to make him not scared, while thunder can still scare the daylights out of me is no easy task :)