Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eau Claire Children's Museum

On Saturday - Diane, Connor and I hit up the Eau Claire Children's Museum for a little while...what a fun place!

Our first stop was the Toddler Park!

Where the highlights were gardening

Looking at himself in the mirror

Feeling rocks/shells

Looking at himself in the mirror some more

Taking a ride in a boat

Oh and looking at himself in the mirror just a little more

Then it was a stop down Main Street at the Grocery Store, the Post Office, the Theater...

Oh and a quick stop at the drive thru at the bank

But then Connor was off to work at the Diner - thankfully he had a very patient customer at the counter

Since really he was in the kitchen sneaking himself a snack!

Then it was off to playtime in the Water Works area!
Where Connor did everything but actually sit in one of the splash tables!  (No photos as I was doing everything I could to keep him from getting in!)

But....I'm sure you can hardly tell he enjoyed the water

And then it was time for a wardrobe change!

Thanks for a great day at the Children's Museum G'ma Diane!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary!

I have to say today was a much different day than this same day one year ago - which also is the one year anniversary of this blog!  http://coughlinpaulsrudfamily.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-year.html

We celebrated by going to dinner at one of our favorite places, Lake Park Bistro overlooking Lake Michigan.  (http://www.lakeparkbistro.com/) Frkol was so kind as to come over and play with Connor for the night and give us a much needed night out! 

Happy Anniversary Dano!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Here!

Birthday week is here! 

Oh boy oh boy did birthday week start off with a bang!

Thanks G & G Paulsrud for throwing a great celebration!

More to follow but these Paulsruds are pooped after a big day and long drive home!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chula Vista

August 13th - 15th we headed to the Wisconsin Dells to meet up with Dan's side of the family for a weekend full of fun, laughs and all around good times!  We stayed at Chula Vista - http://www.chulavistaresort.com/ and I would HIGHLY recommend it.  We had a 3 bedroom condo that we pretty comfortably (ok well the verdict is still out on how comfortable it was for all!) slept 8 adults, 6 kids and 1 babe - so that's saying something!  Could not have worked out better!

I plan to get back around to blogging about this further - but as a small teasor here are a few shots!

Was a fabulous weekend (hopefully next year the rest of the fam can join!) and now we're about to pack up the car and make the 4 hour journey to Eau Claire to see a bunch of them again this weekend!

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Overnight

Last weekend Connor had his first overnight not at home and without his parents!  (August 21, 2010) I had a bachelorette party in Chicago and Dan was DJ'ing a wedding in West Bend, WI. 

Mr. Independent did great and he had a blast with his Auntie Mollie (and Uncle Matt!). 

They did all sorts of fun things...

Connor really enjoyed helping Mollie fold the laundry

They played music

They went for walks

Connor had such a great weekend - I don't think he missed his Mom and Dad one bit! 
Thanks for being such a great care-taker and friend Mollie!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grace's 1 Year Photos

A child’s love is so sweet,

A child’s love cannot be beat.

The way they look you in the eye,

The way they hold you when they cry.

Believe it or not they truly care,

And no matter what they need you there.

They take good thoughts and fill up your head,

They hug and kiss you before they go to bed.

But most of all their love is true,

And always say they love you too!

Poem:  A Child's Love, Children Poems© Crystal Loewen 
Photos:  McConville Studio - http://www.mcconvillestudio.com/

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa Mike

Just dropping in to wish Grandpa Mike a very Happy Birthday today!

See you on Friday!!