Thursday, August 5, 2010

11 Months

Yesterday, August 4, 2010 - Connor James turned 11 months old.  You heard it one month my little guy turns one. 

Connor, here are some things I want to remember about you at this age:

-You are a crawling machine; you are EVERYWHERE
-You love pulling the DVD's and VHS tapes out of the entertainment center (now if only I could convince you it was just as fun to put back in)
-You are loving your sippy cup and look like such a big boy when you hold it
-You are still only getting water and formula but we'll start to gradually incorporate some whole milk into your diet.  Mommy is still holding out on the juice.....
-You haven't met a single food you didn't like (we thought maybe you didn't like avocados after we first introduced them a few months back but tried again over the weekend and liked them!)
-It's so fun to watch you learn how to stand!  I think full on walking is in our near future
-You are pulling yourself up on everything and walking along furniture - though sometimes you can't figure out how to get back to the ground and sure make your unhappiness known
-You have 5 teeth (3 on top; 2 on the bottom).  1 tooth on top just cut through last Saturday!
-You have the most beautiful red and now curly hair
-Your eyes are two colors - dark brown in the center and a hazel color around the outside
-People think you look just like your dad, what do you think?
-You are still a super great traveler though sometimes have to be entertained
-You are wearing size 4 diapers and only wearing clothes sized 12 months and up
-You've got great style...I mean, not many people can rock the popped collar like you can...
-You LOVE to swim or do anything in the water.  You laugh and splash and laugh and splash and laugh and splash.....
-You are now the proud owner of a crib bumper - we previously had a breathable bumper to help with the concern of SIDS with a regular bumper but you hitting your head against the crib rail forced us to get you something with a little more cushion!
-You learned to clap - you started doing this last week when your Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud were here...I could sense you wanted to say "Round of applause for my awesome Grandma and Grandpa" - we were thrilled to see it!
-You have people that love you and are following along in your journey that are near and far
 - you are one lucky guy!
-You are a total poser for the camera - your Grandma Coughlin thinks I'm just like the paparazzi
-You are still using a bottle for your formula.  It will be kind of sad for me as we start to transition no more bottle
-You have an obsession with computers, remotes and cell phones.  You just love pressing those buttons!
-You are self feeding now; which has been a complete adventure for us!  Right now I'd say about half of it makes it to your mouth...the rest can usually be found in your high chair, on the floor, down your shirt, in your hair, stuck in your get the idea.  That eating business can be a lot of work......
-You occasionally clasp your hands closed exactly the same way you did less than an hour after you were born in the hospital
-You want nothing to do with a pacifer and haven't for months...guess that's one less thing we'll have to worry about transitioning
-You spend your weekdays with Mandie and you love her!  Your eyes light up when you see her and we love to know you are so well taken care of.  Mandie has a huge aquarium in her house that you love so one of your favorite places at the zoo is to see the fish!
-Your buddy Nate Rose has started to go to daycare with you and we just know you're going to have a blast getting into trouble with him!  (His first day at Mandie's was Monday July 12th). 
-You make the funniest noises when you eat (both food and your bottle) - it is pure excitment; like you just can't get enough
-You can totally go with the flow and always seem up for a new adventure
-You are taking two naps per day - one mid morning and one mid afternoon.  You are still sleeping through the night except when one of those pesky teeth are coming in!
-While I don't know your exact weight right now...I can tell you; you are bigger than a baby gorilla! :)
-You had your first taste of ice cream from Lee's Dairy Treat in New Berlin, WI on 7/21/2010 after a night at the zoo with your mom and dad (it was sugar free)
-You love getting your teeth brushed; though I'm fairly confident it has more to do with the fruity flavored toothpaste than the actual brushing

-Your dad taught you how to stick out your tongue - it's so funny to watch you mimick him

You are a lovable, squeezable, growing too quick little guy!  We're looking forward to celebrating your first birthday in just a few short weeks!  We love you!

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  1. oh my gosh - 11 months already!!! he is too cute!