Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eau Claire Children's Museum

On Saturday - Diane, Connor and I hit up the Eau Claire Children's Museum for a little while...what a fun place!

Our first stop was the Toddler Park!

Where the highlights were gardening

Looking at himself in the mirror

Feeling rocks/shells

Looking at himself in the mirror some more

Taking a ride in a boat

Oh and looking at himself in the mirror just a little more

Then it was a stop down Main Street at the Grocery Store, the Post Office, the Theater...

Oh and a quick stop at the drive thru at the bank

But then Connor was off to work at the Diner - thankfully he had a very patient customer at the counter

Since really he was in the kitchen sneaking himself a snack!

Then it was off to playtime in the Water Works area!
Where Connor did everything but actually sit in one of the splash tables!  (No photos as I was doing everything I could to keep him from getting in!)

But....I'm sure you can hardly tell he enjoyed the water

And then it was time for a wardrobe change!

Thanks for a great day at the Children's Museum G'ma Diane!!

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  1. If I was as cute as Connor, I would look at myself in the mirror a couple of extra times too! Great post - it looks like he enjoyed himself!