Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A small hiatus

So I've been lacking the desire (or time) to sit down and blog.  It's not that I don't have a lot to say or document I just frankly haven't felt like doing it.  It's funny - there is a whole list of blogs I check and I find myself disappointed when I am in my morning routine and there is no new post....sigh...guess I'll have to check back tomorrow.  To to my loyal readers - I apologize if the lack of post has made you sigh every time you've clicked us in your favorites column I will try to get better.

Connor is turning 11 months tomorrow - which also means Gracie baby is turning 1 this weekend!  I have no idea where this year went!  I really am going to put forth the effort to get a post done tonight after Connor goes to bed about all of his recent milestones and how fabulous he is at 11 months old!  Between 10 and 11 months we've seen BIG changes!

Last week Dan's parents were in town (Sunday thru Friday) and Connor got to stay home and play with them all week!  We have a few photos from our trip to the zoo on Wednesday evening so I'll try to pull those all together tonight as well!  We had a nice visit - we don't get to see them as often as we'd like and I hope they enjoyed their time with Connor.  Our schedule doesn't allow us to make it up to see them much on weekends and was nice they could come spend the week with Connor and well...see us at night too! :)  Thanks Mike and Diane for making the journey down to visit us!  We get to see them the weekend of August 13th so thankfully not too much time between this visit and the next one!

I've had a few people ask my why I blog?  Isn't it wierd?  You don't REALLY know who is reading?  Can't strangers read it?  Well a couple of answers 1 - we don't have the luxury of living near family.  While my parents are within 2.5 hours it doesn't mean they are a part of our day to day life.  This is a good way to share milestones, photos, etc. with those who we wish we saw more often.  2 - You might remember from my eulogy for my Grandpa - he was a storyteller.  He loved to talk about his past - the adventures - I have vivid pictures in my mind of some of the stories I've heard.  In his final year of life he started to record his stories on tape.  This is my version of that - he taught me to be my own historian.  3 - I have nothing to hide.  You won't find me blogging about things that I wouldn't want anyone to read.  (including my boss, HR department, sister, brother, friend or enemy) I enjoy reading others blogs - I learn from them, they provide me inspriration and maybe my blog will do that for someone else...even if they are a perfect stranger.  4 - Not that anyone ever wants to think about this - but God has a path for each of us and there is no telling how long or short the path will be here on Earth.  If I do nothing else as a mother I will leave this blog behind to showcase my undying love for my family, friends and son.  While I hope and pray that I have many fulfilling years with Connor this blog will always leave a piece of me behind.  5 - Since I seem to always be the one behind the camera - this is proof I was actually there! Ha! :)

So to pay homage to point number 5 - it's actually a picture of me and Connor taken on 7.21.10 at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Stay tuned...more to follow....

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  1. I am one of those "sigh-ers", but I also know the effort it takes to sit down and blog. While we enjoy it, sometimes we lack the time, energy, and creativity. Keep blogging as you can!