Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duluth, MN!

So the days that followed the wonderful birthday weekend were filled with the flu....flu...flu!  Everyone at daycare had it and it spread through the parents too, not fun!  But...there is no rest for the Paulsruds.  On Thursday night (September 9th) after Dan had a wedding appointment - we packed up the truck and started Duluth, MN!  So I have to say - it was NOT a shining moment for us.  We left New Berlin around 9 PM and is an over 6 hour drive.  In our defense - we did leave with the intention that if we made it even only a couple of hours it would be less time for Connor the next day - our hope was at least he'd sleep for a few of the hours on Thursday night.

Well Dan is a machine when it comes to driving so once we hit the highway I think he must have had it in his head to just get there and that's just what he did.  We stopped in Eau Claire to fill up with gas, change a diaper and pick up an energy drink for Dan.  He drove all the way until about the last 45 minutes/hour which I completed.  We got to the hotel a little before 4 AM.  Thankfully Connor hadn't slept the whole time so did sleep a little later than normal.  (normal is about 6:15 AM)  But we made it - so hard to complain too much and when we did wake up we had this view of Lake Superior!

Connor got a quick dunk in the bath tub

And then we were off for the day!  A stroll along the water.....

And then jackpot....a super cool playground area!

Having a Titanic moment.....
Whew...after all that it was time for a nap before Aunt Tracy and Grace arrived for the weekend!  No joke - they both are REALLY napping like this.....

Then they got a wake up a cute little someone.....

We walked around the shops and had a yummy dinner but it was early to bed before the big race!  Dan was up at 5 AM to catch the bus to the start line for the North Shore Inline Half Marathon!
Tracy and I woke the kiddos up so we could be at the finish line when he crossed!  These two were really enjoying Connor's awesome wagon from G&G Paulsrud - we were especially jealous when it started to rain!
Dan crossing the finish line!
Greeting his fan club

I love this picture - maybe because it's so expressive?

Then we headed inside to let the kiddos loose for a bit and catch some relief from the rain

If you've never been to Duluth it's beautiful!  Since the kiddos wouldn't go down for a nap there was plenty of time to take it all in! :)

Then we headed to the awards ceremony where Dan picked up a medal for 2nd in his age group - nice work Dano!!

The fan club

And then we attempted to wind down the napless munchkins with a bath....
Tracy and Grace then hit the road back home (Grace slept the whole drive, thru the night until almost 9 AM the next morning...guess she was tired!).  We hit the hay early, were up and back on the road by 10 AM and the weekend ended on a high note with lunch with Gma Paulsrud at the Acoustic Cafe in Eau Claire!  Was a long journey home and we were glad to see Pinewood Creek Court when we pulled in!

Another adventure on the books.....

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  1. love the monkey sweatshirt and napping pictures!!!