Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh the gifts keep on rolling....

So did I mention that my little one was spoiled like crazy for his first birthday?!?  Boy or's like you guys like him or something?!? :)

Just had to share a few of these great shots of him with more of his birthday presents.....

Awesome laptop from Auntie Mollie and Uncle Matt
Seriously one of the coolest gifts!  This is an Aquadoodle from the Zukowski' put water in this 'pen' and you can draw, write, etc. all over this pad provided.  Dan and I had a great time with it - ha!  Notice Connor is chugging the Pedialyte..poor guy!

Loving his pillow made by GG Betty
Whoa!  Big gifts from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Scott & Grace!  Wrapping paper was so much fun!

Loving his chair from Auntie Jenny and Uncle Joe!

Thanks for spoiling our munchkin rotten! :)

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