Sunday, September 26, 2010

Preparing for Wedding!

So last weekend our dear friends Becky and Nate were married.  (September 18, 2010) Becky is a long time friend (aka before we were born we were friends) and it was great to celebrate such a wonderful time for her and Nate.  They were married in Three Oaks, MI just outside of New Buffalo.  Our families grew up spending countless summer (and fall) days/nights in New Buffalo so I have to say I was feeling a little nostalgic as we came to Exit 1.

We rented this awesome house in Union Pier and I could kick myself for not taking a single picture of the house or of the beach right outside our front door!  Oh well - I guess there are a few memories I just get to keep for myself and not share with the world! :)

We drove in on Thursday night and Friday we headed to Willow Harbor Vineyards where the wedding and reception was to take place to get things set up. 

Willow Harbor grows concord grapes that they sell to Welch's - it was a very pretty vineyard and definitely out in the country!

Here are the pictures of set up day!


Here are some shots of the tent from farther away

This is the site for the ceremony "before" just adjacent to the tent!

It was a great set up crew and once again...I'll prove I was there by this post - ha! :)  Look for posts to follow on the rehearsal and wedding! 

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