Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 5, 2010

As birthday week was coming to a close we celebrated one last day!

We started off with a trip to Holy Hill for church.  Dan and I have been talking about going for some time but just never made it there.  It is the National Shrine of Mary and WOW - what an awesome place!

If it wasn't clear - it's on a 'hill' and quite a hike to actually get to the Basilica.  Here is the view from right outside - hard to see in this picture but it was a clear day and you could see Downtown Milwaukee (which is about 30 miles away)

We went up for Mass and then walked around a bit after church.  They have outdoor stations of the cross that follow a trail in the most beautiful setting.

After that we headed home for some YUMMY Birthday Bear Cake made by Connor's Great-Grandma Betty.  Time got away from us on 9/4 so we celebrated with cake on Sunday! :)

(Sorry Gram, not the best frosting job I've ever done..but it tasted good! :) )

The day rounded out with an awesome dinner with the Sacco's (Dan, Penny, Natalie, Gabe & Amanda) at Louise's in Brookfield!  It was a great day - which was good since it was followed by a nasty bout of the stomach flu for the next few days!  Happy Birthday buddy....

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