Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pasta Night With Connor!

Tonight was Noodle Mania!

Connor was mushing spaghetti between his fingers and then running them through his curly hairs.
Check this out!

Yummy Yummy!
I wish I could have spaghetti every night!

Connor has a new molar on the left lower side of his mouth. Watch out world. He's capable of high volume chewing. Ask Nicole. He had close to 10 gold fish in his mouth at once tonight before Julie got home from work and he started his pasta frenzy!

 How many fingers can I get in my mouth with the pasta? It's finger lickin' good...
 Yummy Yummy Yummy....
 Totally wild and crazy! Note - the trouble maker bib... how fitting?

Now for a little clean up...
Just a note - you might want to MUTE - our singing before watching! Ouch.... Julie and I are coming out with our Connor Music album later this fall... **laughs**

Happy Pasta Night!

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  1. OMG!!! What a mess - love it! And I have to say I personally loved the singing :)