Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictureless Post

I know - I know- you people really only come to this Blog for the pictures...well, let's blame Dan! I have taken a ton of photos and he needed to make room on the memory card so they got dumped onto one of his hard drives and well...I haven't gotten them yet so that's why the Blog has been delayed in being updated....who's buying it?!?  No really though, I will try to download the pics from the hard drive tonight or tomorrow.

So we've been busy with the following which are all fantastic excuses for my lack of blogging.  You can all now THANK Dan...who did the last two blog entries! 

Here's where we've been and not blogging:
  • Been to a wedding
  • Dan has worked 3 weddings
  • Visited an Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Farm with the Fays & Sandvigs
  • Rallied for Aly at Briggs & Al's Run
  • Been to visit Great-Grandma Betty
  • Fighting a nasty cold/virus
  • Had family photos taken
  • Had a weekend at home
  • Taken our first three steps
  • First molar is here and another making it's way
  • Spent Saturday Night with the "Boys Club"
  • Been to a jewelry party (Connor and I make quite a duo at these...)
  • Checked another Milwaukee bar off Connor's list of places to visit
  • Been to Arrowhead High School Homecoming
  • Had the most expensive, unfulfilling fish fry to date
  • Kept countless people from touching Connor's hair (what is it with strangers and their desire to touch his hair?!?  It's hair people...)
  • Resisted the desire to cut Connor's hair
  • Got thru some not so fun tests on my stomach...which all came back clear!
  • Jacob and Nolan turned one and we can't wait to celebrate with them (3 weeks from today we'll all be heading to Disneyland together!)
  • Been to our first Gymboree Play & Music 3 and LOVED it!
  • Celebrated Mollie's Birthday
  • Slept very little
  • Have piles of laundy and not so clean house
  • Made lots of memories!

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